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Terrorism and Democracy

Issue No. 3 | March 2009

Universal Jurisdiction: Spanish Court Initiates an Inquiry of the Targeted Killing of Salah Shehadeh in Gaza

Ido Rosenzweig,, Yuval Shany,

In this article, we address the decision of a Spanish magistrate to open a criminal investigation against senior Israeli officials for allegedly violating international law in the course of a 2002 targeted killing operation. This decision exemplifies the increasing role of international criminal law in reviewing the legality of counter-terrorism measures.

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H.C.J [Israeli Supreme Court] 124/09 Dwayet v. Minister of Defense Regarding a House Demolition in East Jerusalem

March 18, 2009

Ido Rosenzweig,, Yuval Shany,

In this article the development that is addressed is a recent house demolition order pertaining to the dwelling of an East Jerusalem terrorist, which was approved by the Israeli Supreme Court in March 2009. This ruling follows a previous house demolition decision issued in January 2009, and suggests a growing willingness on the part of the Israeli legal system to resort to exceptional and controversial counter-terrorism measures.

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U.S. Department of State: 2008 Human Rights Report on Israel and the Occupied Territories

Ido Rosenzweig,, Yuval Shany,

This article summarizes the main findings concerning terrorism and counter-terrorism, which were published in the US State Department 2008 report on human rights in Israel and the occupied territories. The report describes an "equilibrium of violence" between Israel and Palestine, but identifies a sharp increase in rocket attacks on Israel and a rise in settler violence.

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