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Israel in Times of Corona

A special survey, the tenth in this series, by the Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at the Israel Democracy Institute examined public opinion about government policies relating to the coronavirus outbreak and the economic fallout from the pandemic.

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Most Israelis Trust Government Health Officials on Corona

IDI Coronavirus Survey finds that nearly half the population is pessimistic about Israel’s economic prospects


Fighting the Coronavirus is Impacting Our Privacy

Information is power. Governments and private entities that have access to vast troves of information have vast power.


Coronavirus and Haredi and Arab Communities

In recent years, many comparisons have been made between two communities in Israel - the ultra-Orthodox and Arab Israelis. The coronavirus crisis has brought previously held assumptions into question.


Public Health and the Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel

The lack of exposure to mainstream media outlets and the internet limits this community's access to Health Ministry instructions on the coronavirus.


The Yom Kippur of the Ultra-Orthodox

The tragic results of initial faulty advice from leading rabbis is a wake-up call to Haredi Jews to start making their own decisions.


Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Gilad Malach held a press briefing focused on the coronavirus’ effect on the ultra-Orthodox in Israel and what might be the long term implications for employment, use of technology and the attitude towards official state authorities in this often isolated community.

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Zoom's Scandalous Privacy Policy

IDI Expert Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler: "Now is the time for the appropriate regulatory authorities to act and protect the privacy of Zoom's users."


Curbing the Coronavirus Among the Ultra-Orthodox: Explainer

How can we curb the spread of the coronavirus in the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel? IDI experts explain

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Coronavirus Special Survey

Special Coronavirus survey by the Israel Democracy Institute takes the Israeli pulse on the impact of the Coronavirus finds that 40% of Israelis feel they are experiencing high levels of stress and 65% are worried about their financial future.

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30% of the Public Predicts a Fourth Election

With only a few days to the Elections, the February Israeli Voice Index finds that Jewish Israelis are Paying Less Attention, while a Majority of Arab Israelis are Following with the Same or Increased Interest. 30% of the Public Predicts a Fourth Election.


Protecting the World’s Most Valuable Commodity

The sharing of medical data has extremely positive potential. It can help with predicting rare diseases, early detection and more exact diagnoses than are possible with existing medical capabilities.


Social Justice in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel

An article by members of IDI’s Arab-Jewish Relations research team, which explores the lack of social justice for Israel’s Arab minority in three areas: employment, healthcare, and the public sphere.


Abstract: Health Inequality of Arabs and Jews in Israel

A paper that reviews the state of research on health inequality between Jews and Arabs in Israel in order to develop a comprehensive research program that will contribute to the understanding of the factors leading to inequality.


Privacy Doesn’t Have to Die

Privacy doesn't have to be sacrificed in order to protect citizens from the coronavirus - it too must be protected