Conference Program

Conference Chair: Prof. Karnit Flug | Conference Director: Daphna Aviram-Nitzan | IDI President: Yohanan Plesner


Conference Opening

Registration 08:30-09:00

09:00 | Opening Remarks

Yohanan Plesner

President, Israel Democracy Institute

Mr. Isaac Herzog

President of the State of Israel


Morning Session: Budgetary Frameworks and Priorities for the Coming Years

Chair: Prof. Karnit Flug, VP of Research, Israel Democracy Institute; William Davidson Senior Fellow for Economic Policy; Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Former Governor of the Bank of Israel

New Priorities for the 2025 State Budget

Prof. Karnit Flug

Defense budget

Prof. Manuel Trajtenbereg

Tel Aviv University (Former Executive Director, the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS))

Lead-off speakers

Yogev Gardos

Budgets Director, Ministry of Finance

Dr. Shmuel Abramzon

Chief Economist, Ministry of Finance

Shay Aharonovitz

Director of the Israel Tax Authority

Dror Bin

CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority


Brig. Gen. (Res.) Maharan Frozenfar

former Financial Advisor to the IDF Chief of Staff; former Head of the Budget Division of the Ministry of Defense (MOD)

Col. (Res.) Dubi Amitai

Chair, Business Sector Presidium; Chair, the Farmers Association of Israel

Dr. Ron Tomer

Chair, Organization of Businesses and Employers in Israel; President, Manufacturers' Association of Israel

Shachar Turjeman

President, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce; Chair of the Board of the Brill Group

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Nadav Zafrir

Founder of TEAM8; Former Commander of IDF 8200 Unit

Alan Feld

Founding Partner, Vintage Investment Partners; Founder of Power in Diversity Israel

Eran Yaacov

Former Director of Israel Tax Authority; Commissioner of Wages at the Ministry of Finance

Open Discussion

11:20AM-12:00PM | Break


The Capital Market as a Source of Financing for Rehabilitation and Growth

Session Chair: Prof. Karnit Flug

Lead-off speakers

Seffy Zinger

Chair, Israel Securities Authority

Amit Gal

Acting Director General, Israel Capital Market, Insurance & Savings


Ilan Raviv

CEO, Meitav Investment House

Yoram Naveh

CEO, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings

Avner Hadad

CEO, Phoenix Investment House and KSM Funds

Open Discussion


Presentation by Jack Lew, U.S. Ambassador to Israel and former Treasury Secretary

01:00PM-02:00PM | Lunch


Chair: Yohanan Plesner

Minister Benny Gantz

Chair, National Unity Party

Israel Democracy Institute Researchers Present: The Economic Significance of Demographic Trends

Dr. Gilad Malach

Head of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Program

Dr. Itamar Yakir

Researcher, Economic Reform Program

The Cost of the Unequal Burden of Service in the IDF

Adv. Shlomit Ravitzky Tur-Paz

Director, Joan and Irwin Jacobs Center for Shared Society

Gabriel Gordon

Researcher at the Economic Reform Program and the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Program

Lead-Off Speakers

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Orna Barbivai

Former Head of the Manpower Directorate, IDF; Former Minister of Economy and Industry

Eyal Nave

One of the leaders of Brothers in Arms

Noam Zussman

Principal Researcher, Research Division, Bank of Israel

Adv. Avraham Yustman

Vice President, Kemach Foundation

Prof. Itai Ater

Senior Fellow, the Israel Democracy Institute

Open discussion

Session Closing Remarks

Shlomi Heizler

Director General, Ministry of Finance

3:40-04:00PM Break

04:00PM - 06:00 PM

The Challenge of Israeli Civil Service

Session Chair: Adv. Rita Goldstein-Galperin, Head of Civil Service Reform Program, Center for Governance and Economy, Israel Democracy Institute


MK Avigdor Lieberman

Chair, Yisrael Beiteinu Party

How did Civil Service Function after October 7th? Insights from the Field

Avichai Stern

Mayor, Kiryat Shmona

Sigal Moran

Strategic Advisor; Former Director General of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs

Presentation of Challenges

Adv. Rita Goldstein-Galperin

Session Chair - Mapping the Challenges and Barriers to Implementing Reforms

Dr. Itamar Yakir

Researcher at Economic Reforms Program at IDI - the Relationship between Public Systems and Citizens’ Wellbeing

Israel Democracy Institute Researcher Presentations: Proposed Changes to Improve the Civil Service

Tomer Lotan

IDI Policy Advisor

Prof. Yotam Margalit

IDI Senior Fellow

Dr. Assaf Shapira

Head, Political Reform Program at IDI

Adv. Edna Harel-Fisher

Head of Public Corruption Program at IDI

Maya Natan

CEO, Keshet Foundation

Symposium on the Function of the Civil Service – Former Directors General of the Prime Minister's Office

Yossi Kuchik

served during the period of Ehud Barak (1999-2001)

Raanan Dinur

served during the period of Ehud Olmert (2006-2009)

Eli Groner

served during the period of Benjamin Netanyahu (2015-2018)

Closing remarks

Yossi Shelley

Director General, Prime Minister's Office

An open discussion led by a forum of Former CEOs and Heads of Systems



09:00-09:30 | Registration

09:30 Opening Remarks

Conference Chair: Prof. Karnit Flug

Matanyahu Englman

State Comptroller


Morning Session: Effects of the War on the Israeli Labor Market

Chair: Prof. Yotam Margalit, Senior Fellow, Israel Democracy Institute

Voices from the Field

Avi Ben Assayag

CEO, Osem-Nestle Group; Chair of the Economy Committee, Manufacturers Association of Israel

Raul Srugo

President, Israel Builders Association

Amit Yifrah

Secretary General, the Moshavim Movement; Chair, Israel Farmers Federation (IFF)

Rami Beja

Chair, the Self-Employed Forum

Tali Nir

CEO, 121 Association

Nawa Jahshan Batshon

CEO, Co-Impact

Outline for Implementing Flexible Employment in Israel in Times of Crisis

Michal Fink

Deputy Director of Strategy and Policy Planning, Ministry of Economy and Industry

The Future of the Labor Market

Kfir Battat

Deputy Budget Commissioner, Ministry of Finance

Employment Challenges in Mixed Spaces

Presenter: Dr. Ahmad Badran

Researcher, the Arab Society in Israel Program, Israel Democracy Institute


Amit Ben-Tzur

Director General, Arlozorov Forum

Susan Hassan


Prof. Ofer Merin

Director General, Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Open Discussion

11:15AM-11:30AM | Break


Labor Relations Challenges Against the Backdrop of War

Efi Malkin

Commissioner of Wages, Ministry of Finance

Arnon Bar-David

Chair, the Histadrut (The General Federation of Labour in Israel)


How to Achieve Economic and Employment Revival in the North and South

Chair: Daphna Aviram-Nitzan, Director of the Center for Governance and Economy, Israel Democracy Institute

Opening Remarks

Dr. Itamar Yakir

Researcher for the Economic Reform Program, Israel Democracy Institute

Rani Dudai

Director, JDC-TEVET

Lead-Off Speakers

Michal Frank

Senior Advisor at the Takuma Administration; Former Director General of the Ministry of Transportation

Carmel Bardugo Shatzki

Director of Employment, Western Negev Regional Cluster

Inbar Bezek

CEO, The Economic Company for Development of the Upper Galillee

Prof. Nir Kedar

President of the Sapir Academic College

Open discussion

Closing remarks

Israel Uzan

Director General, Ministry of Labor


Lunch Break


Afternoon Session: Global Trends and their Impact on the Israeli Labor Market

Chair: Daphna Aviram Nitzan

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Labor Market and Education System

MK Gila Gamliel

Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology

Israel Democracy Institute Researcher Presentations

Daphna Aviram Nitzan

The Impact of AI on the Labor Market, Forecasts by International Bodies

Prof. Yotam Margalit

Senior Fellow, Israel Democracy Institute – The Skills of the Future

Lead-Off Speakers

Dadi Perlmutter

Chair, the Committee to Increase Human Capital in High-Tech; Former Senior VP at Intel Around the World

Dr. Rachel Knoll

Chair, the Education Committee of the National Council for the Advancement of Women in Science and Technology

Hanan Brand

VP Startup Division, Israel Innovation Authority

Discussion Summary

Meir Shimoni

Director General of the Ministry of Education

The Impact of the Climate Crisis on the Israeli Labor Market

Idit Silman

Ministry of Environmental Protection

Guy Samet

Director General of the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Israel Democracy Institute Researchers

Daphna Aviram-Nitzan

Leader of the Climate Crisis Preparedness Project at IDI

Dr. Ruslana Palatnik

Visiting Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute; Academic at Yezreel Valley College; University of Haifa; IIASA

Nadav Porat Hirsh

Researcher, the Israel Democracy Institute’s Center for Governance and Economy

Lead-Off Speakers

Dr. Dov Khenin

Chair of the Israeli Climate Forum, the President's Residence

Ofra Chen

CEO Negev Industrial Minerals Ltd.

Ran Cohen

Deputy Chief Labor Inspector, Ministry of Labor

Ilya Katz

Deputy Budget Commissioner, Ministry of Finance

Yuval Hayu

Director of Government Ministries and Institutions, The State Comptroller’s Office


Adam Blumenberg

Deputy Director General of Economics and Policy, the Histadrut

Einat Zinger Dan

CEO, Founder and Head of the Employers and Human Capital Development Administration

Open discussion

04:15PM-04:30PM | Break

16:30 | Remarks from the Leader of the Opposition

Yair Lapid

Chair, Yesh Atid Party


Regional Cooperation as a Lever for Prosperity and Stability

Chair: Dr. Jesse Ferris, VP of Strategy, Israel Democracy Institute | In English

Lead-off Speakers

Yohanan Plesner

President, Israel Democracy Institute

Gidon Bromberg

Director, EcoPeace Israel

Middle East the Day After

Dr. Eyal Hulata

Advisor to the IDI Regional Collaboration Project; Former Head of the National Security Council (NSC)

Ambassador Symposium

Lead-Off Speakers

Rotem Arad

CBO, H2Pro; Climate Entrepreneurs Team Member

Carmit Oron

CEO of SaliCorp; Climate Entrepreneurs Team Member

Yael Ravia-Zadok,

Head of the Economic Diplomacy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sharon Hatzor

VP of Policy Planning and Strategy, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Open Discussion

Led by a team of climate entrepreneurs to promote regional collaboration

About Eli Hurvitz

Eli was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Tel Aviv, where he completed his studies at Hacarmel elementary school and Ironi Alef municipal high school. With the outbreak of the War of Independence in 1948, he joined the Nahal (“Pioneering Fighting Youth”) Brigade together with a group of friends from the Hebrew Scouts youth movement. Following a short agricultural training program, the group founded Kibbutz Tel Katzir in the Jordan Valley, adjacent to the border with Syria. At Tel Katzir, Eli married Dalia, also a member of the group. In October 1953, the couple left the kibbutz and moved to Tel Aviv.


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