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IDI Resources on the 2013 Elections


Below you will find links to IDI articles, tools, and events related to the 2013 Knesset elections, as well as select IDI resources related to Israeli elections in general.


The Israeli Election Compass 2013 is an online tool developed by IDI's Guttman Center for Surveys that enables users to compare their positions on key issues with those of the parties that ran for the Knesset in 2013. Find out more about this project here.


IDI's Elections and Parties Database provides basic information about Israel's political parties, their electoral achievements, and representation in the government, as well as the results of every Knesset election since the founding of the State. Begin your exploration with the 2013 elections.


How democratic are the parties that ran for election in Israel in 2013? Developed by the research team of IDI's Political Reform project, the Party Democracy Index is a pioneering effort to measure democracy within political parties. Find out which Israeli parties ranked highest in this evaluation here.


Articles on the 2013 Elections

The New Israeli Cabinet: An Overview of the 33rd Government of Israel | Ofer Kenig
Coalition-Building in Israel: A Guide for the Perplexed | Ofer KenigThe 2013 Knesset Election Results: A Preliminary Analysis of the Upcoming Parliament | Ofer Kenig
Women’s Representation in the Knesset: Is it Sufficient? | Ofer Kenig
Habayit Hayehudi and Refusal of Orders: The Real Question | Yedidia SternBrushing Off the Dust | Ofer Kenig & Nir AtmorAre Convicts Fit for Political Office? | Mordechai Kremnitzer & Doron NavotPrimary Season in Israel | Ofer KenigWhat About Democracy? | Mordechai Kremnitzer & Amir FuchsElections in the Shadow of War | Dana BlanderRequiem for the 18th Knesset | Ofer KenigThe Likud-Beiteinu Merger: A Harbinger of Political Change | Arye CarmonDo We Really Want Big-Tent Parties? Yehoshua OzIsrael's Political Parties: Strengthen the Party, not the Cult of Personality | Gideon RahatThe Electoral System: Strengthen the Foundations before Fixing the Roof | Ofer KenigThe Primary System in Israel: A Balance Sheet | Ofer KenigFixing our Broken System | Arye Carmon

Selected Articles on Previous Elections

Frequent Elections and Political Instability | Ofer Kenig
The 32nd Israeli Government: The 2009 Coalition | Ofer Kenig Women in the 18th Knesset | Ofer Kenig
Is There a "Women's Voice" in Politics? | Parliament staff
Reforms Vital to Israeli Political Stability | Arye CarmonParticipation, Abstention and Boycott: Trends in Arab Voter Turnout in Israeli Elections | Karin Tamar SchaffermanAnd the Winner Is... | Dana Blander


Do Israeli Jews consider themselves right-wing, centrist, or left-wing? Which of the contenders for prime minister do they think is most suited for the job? Find out in the December 2012 issue of IDI's monthly Peace Index, which presents the findings of a poll related to the upcoming election. For additional background, read the summary of Peace Index findings regarding election-related issues from surveys conducted in November, October, and January 2012.


Learn more about the Israeli political parties and their leaders using our comprehensive catalogue of online party resources. Whether you are looking to read what the parties stand for or are saying, you can find out through our list of websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and more. See Israel's Political Parties: Keep Informed.

Also, you may receive live updates directly from a selection of parties, party representatives, and Israeli journalists covering the election by viewing our two Twitter lists:


IDI experts on the Israeli elections and political system include:

  • Dr. Arye Carmon
    President, Israel Democracy Institute
    Expertise: Political Parties, Government, Political Reform
  • Prof. Tamar Hermann
    Senior Fellow and Academic Director of IDI's Guttman Center for Surveys
    Expertise: Israeli Public Opinion and Polling, Civil Society, Protest Movements, Political Parties, Government
  • Prof. Gideon Rahat
    Senior Researcher and Director of Research of IDI's Forum for Political Reform in Israel; Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    Expertise: Political Parties, Primaries, Elections, Voter Behavior, Electoral Systems, Electoral Reform, Government, Comparative Politics, Political Reforms
  • Dr. Ofer Kenig
    Head of the political parties' research group of IDI's Forum for Political Reform in Israel
    Expertise: Political Parties, Elections, Voter Behavior, Electoral Systems, Government, Political Leaders, the Cabinet, Political Reforms
  • Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer
    VP of Research
    Expertise: Political Corruption, Constitutional Law, the Supreme Court, Human Rights and Minorities

To contact any of these experts, please contact Yehoshua Oz, IDI Director of International Relations, at press@idi.org.il or +972-52-578-5404.

Try IDI's New Israeli Elections Trivia Game on Facebook



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