Upon the opening of the new academic year a special national survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and the Aharon Institute for Economic Policy found 22% of Arab students are considering quitting or taking a break from their studies, compared to 10% of Jewish students.

Ultra-Orthodox communities have been very critical of their political leaders for not advocating vigorously enough on their behalf at the beginning of the COVID crisis. Now, the ultra-Orthodox parties are at the forefront of the contentious demand to permit mass travel to Uman.

50% of Israelis Believe that the State of the Country is 'Good'. Conversely: 58% of Israelis Believe that Their Leadership is Corrupt and 59% of Israelis Think that Supreme Court Judges’ Rulings are Politically Biased

The proposal promotes personal and political interests, strikes a severe blow to the public’s trust in democracy and to elected officials’ obligation to act with integrity

The current proposal conveys a harsh message of contempt for the rule of law and is in sharp contrast to the current trend in democratic countries

The report and its conclusions, regardless of whether or not they will be acceptable to the State of Israel, once again highlight the importance of the rule of law, and bring to the fore the need for in-depth investigations of events which might be construed as in violation of international law

Yohanan Plesner, President of the Israel Democracy Institute, and Prof. Yuval Shany, Vice President of Research "No democracy can tolerate public corruption or any exception to the principle of equality before the law."

The majority of Israelis think that Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria harms Israel’s security and want a right or center-right government. Read more in the latest Peace Index. 


IDI’s 2018 report on ultra-Orthodox society is out - shedding light on changing trends in population, education, employment, and leisure in the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel.

The monthly Peace Index reveals that: 46% of Jewish Israelis name Benjamin Netanyahu as their preferred candidate for the next prime minister.


The majority of the public (53%) sees Israel’s situation in a positive light and is proud to be Israeli (88% of Jews and 51% of Arabs);
For the first time the #1 tension in Israeli society is the tension between Right and Left; Israel ranks high on international indicators of political participation

The monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University finds that: 44% of Jewish and Arab Israelis agree with President Trump’s statement that “It’s a very scary time for young men” – the percentage among men who agreed was significantly higher than that among women.


Half of the Jewish Israeli public think that Palestinians deserve an independent state, but believe that the two-state solution would be impossible to implement.

The breach of IDF’s Meitav website was almost inevitable, in light of inadequate attention to the need to protect sensitive personal information and the lack of supporting legislation in Israel.

- “The decision is questionable. If the government is really interested in avoiding desecration of the Sabbath, and in ensuring a day of rest, it should focus its energy on stopping the illegal work currently being performed on the Sabbath, which according to reports by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, is rarely done.


Now is the time to rise above petty politics and pass a draft law that will uphold the principle of civic equality in Israel.


The monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, published today, finds that: only 52% of Jewish Israelis think it was important to pass the Nation-State law at this time.

On the northern front: the majority of Israelis favor providing Syrian victims of war with medical aid and food. On the southern front: the majority of Israelis support a military operation if Hamas violates the ceasefire.

The Israel Democracy Institute applauds Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to reevaluate the Facebook Law which was initially formulated to help fight terrorism, but evolved into a draconian law that could set back the Start-Up Nation decades in terms of freedom of speech.

Proposed Facebook bill circumvents standard legal procedure and threatens to transform Israel into a world leader in repression of free speech


How can Israel - a light to the nations, and homeland for the Jewish People, fail to embrace equality for all, alongside commitment to the diaspora?

The Israel Democracy Institute issued a letter to the Prime Minister regarding the Nation State Billl, asserting that if the value of equality is not anchored in the legislation alongside the other enumerated national characteristics of the state, the law may eventually erode Israel's democratic character

Leading public figures avoid dealing with issues that are of national importance when it entails confronting the ultra-Orthodox community.

The monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, published today, finds that most Israelis think that Trump’s peace plan won’t gain traction and that the IDF should directly target ‘terror kite’ assailants.

The Israel Democracy Institute ahead of the Knesset Constitution Committee debate on political appointments of legal advisers in government ministries: "A blow to the civil service ethos; an opening for potential corruption, forsakes public interest".

Yohanan Plesner, President of the Israel Democracy Institute cautions that the Ministry of Defense’s proposed draft bill “endangers IDF’s model of service as a “People's Army” based on the principle of mandatory service for all

The monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, published today, finds that the Israeli public split on prospect of war in the coming months

Prof. Yedidia Stern, Vice President of the Israel Democracy Institution said that the proposed conversion law is an important step. The state must take responsibility and resolve the issues that affect so many lives

A new book from the Israel Democracy Institute
exposes the failures of the State conversion system over three decades

Following the approval of the “Cabinet Law,” allowing the government to delegate its authority to declare war to the National Security Cabinet, IDI Senior Professor Prof. Amichai Cohen, and expert on national security law, contends that the bill addresses a critical issue but has been passed too hastily

The Monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University published today, found that most Israeli Jews believe that transferring the US Embassy to Jerusalem, despite Palestinian protests, is in Israel’s best interests.

A special update from the Peace Index by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute shows that that two-thirds of the Jews in Israel eat kosher for Passover outside the home and prepare the their house for the holiday - but 58% oppose the ban on cafes and restaurants from serving chametz (bread).


The Cambridge Analytica scandal raises troubling questions about the colossal amount of personal data now available online. Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler says that states must take more aggressive action to protect individual privacy and prevent private entities from hijacking elections.

61% of the Jewish and Arab public believes that it is very likely that moving the American embassy to Jerusalem for Israel’s 70th Independence Day, will ignite an outbreak of violence. Nevertheless, 69% of the Jewish public think that even in light of the expectation of violence, Israel should not ask the Americans to postpone the move


In a letter to the Members of Knesset, IDI's management clarifies that the ultra-Orthodox proposed legislation will influence budgetary matters such as allocations to Yeshiva students and housing grants, and will  place Israel’s national security in jeopardy



IDI President calls on the leaders of the coalition factions to stop politicizing the civil service

"The facts revealed yesterday by the police are deeply troubling. Faced with this reality, all those who consider themselves leaders in our community, must come forth and make their position clear, rejecting such conduct forthrightly, lest moral decay spreads through our civil service and public’s trust in the government plummets.”

66% of the Jewish public and half of the Arab public support the government’s decision to deport asylum seekers to African countries that are prepared to absorb them. 

For the first time since 2013- a decline in the number of ultra-Orthodox men in the workforce


In Honor of Israel's 70th Anniversary The Guttman Center for Public Opinion Research and Policy at the Israel Democracy Institute Is Launching “Data-Israel”: The largest and most encompassing online public opinion research database in Israel at the click of a button.

Prof. Yedidia Stern: "These rabbis, who loudly extol the virtues of Jewish statehood, do not hesitate to drag the people’s army into the arena of conflict with their irresponsible statements."

In light of President Trump's Declaration on Jerusalem: a large majority of the Jewish public think President Trump’s public declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel was in Israel's best interest; a clear majority (over 60%) of the Israeli public agrees that Jerusalem is already divided into two cities: the eastern city and the western city

Israel Democracy Institute and the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research published today the 2017 Statistical Report on Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel. The report presents trends in population, education, employment, and leisure in the ultra-Orthodox sector in Israel.

Widespread dissatisfaction with Israel's leadership and institutions; Most Israelis believe Knesset has legislated undemocratic laws and oppose taking powers of judicial review away from Supreme Court; Israelis distrust the media and rely more on traditional media than social media; Israelis are optimistic in their assessment of the overall situation of the country and its future; Israeli citizens rank high in OECD scale on political involvement

The monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, published today, found that Israelis think that the forces that unite Israeli Jews and American Jews are stronger than the forces that separate them; a significant portion of the public believe that the Prime Minister failed to deal with the Iranian threat; and a significant majority of the public think that the Recommendations Law should not be approved

The Facebook Bill, which would allow the government to use administrative means to remove content from social networking sites, would both set a precedent and be ineffective

The Israelis Still believe that the IDF should be the People’s Army and Want Ultra-Orthodox People to Enlist

"In order to change this trend, we must increase the use of technological tools and behavioral economics."

IDI responds to high court ruling: “The time has come for our politicians to demonstrate leadership and work to enact a more equitable and effective arrangement.”

Dr. Shuki Friedman, head of the IDI Center for Nation, Religion and State, said the bill's declared purpose is to attack the decision by the Supreme Court. Moreover, this bill would give the Chief Rabbinate unbridled authority over the mikvehs.

'Yes' to a Nation-State, 'No' to a Nationalistic State!

The Israel Democracy Institute Weighs in as Knesset Prepares to Debate Nation-State Law
View full press release>>

IDI Presents Outstanding Parliamentarian Award to MKs Elharar and Folkman

Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein: "It's time to bring the rules of the game back to the Knesset"
View full press release>>

IDI Scholar Responds to Chief Rabbinate’s Blacklist

'There is no justification for preemptively disqualifying all rabbis and approving only those who have proven themselves to be kosher.'
View full press release>>

Three Years since Operation Protective Edge, Israeli Public Defines Israel’s Security Situation as Good

Latest Peace Index: More than half of Jewish and Arab Israelis see high chances of war between Hamas and Israel in coming year
View full press release>>

BOI Governor Flug Says Israeli Economy is ‘Not Renewing Enough’

‘In skills and problem solving, we are at the bottom [of international indices] and it is quite embarrassing for a country that is referred to as the Startup Nation,’ Flug said
View full press release>>

Prof. Nathan Sussman: Israel is in a vicious, downward economic cycle

Michal Fink, Ministry of Economy and Industry: Israel’s Competition is Not Emerging countries, but Developed Countries
View full press release>>

ISA Chairman Makes First Comment on Investigation into Bezeq: ‘There is No Leniency in Enforcement, No Exemption for Celebrities’

View full press release>>

Deputy A-G Licht: ‘Reduction of Regulation Should Not Harm the Public or the Government'

Ministry of Finance’s Hizkiyahu: ‘Israel has an anti-business environment’
View full press release>>

Eli Groner, Director-General, PMO: ‘When There is Excess Regulation, 99% of the Public Suffers and 1% Earns’

Day 2 of the Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society highlights challenges and solutions for Israel’s excess regulation and bureaucracy
View full press release>>

Avi Nissenkorn, Histadrut Labor Union Chair: Government has Failed to Fix Inconceivable Socioeconomic Gaps

Eran Yaakov, Ministry of Finance: We’re trying to meet future workforce demands while dealing with laws from the 1950s
View full press release>>

Ministry of Finance’s Babad: Stop Forcing Ultra-Orthodox to Study Core Curriculum, Consider Alternative Technology Track

MK Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg: ‘State of Israel does not have a social policy – period’
View full press release>>

New Survey! Two Economies - One Society

Israel Democracy Institute survey analyzes the innovative economy and the in-need-of-innovation economy
View full press release>>

IDI Statement on Naftali Bennett's New Ethics Code

“Such an ethical code tramples freedom of expression with a heavy foot."
View full press release>>

Police-Society Forum

Police & Society Forum Convenes at IDI to Discuss Issues Related to Law, Order and Enforcement Among Israeli Citizens
View full press release>>

IDI Scholars Respond to Bill to Cancel Supreme Court Seniority System

'Such steps harm the basic principles of the work of the judicial branch.'
View full press release>>

Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society

With the featured participation of: Bank of Israel Governor, Education Minister, Economy Minister, Director-General of the Finance Ministry, Director-General of the Prime Minister Office, Chairman of the Histadrut Labor Federation, Director-General of Bank Leumi, Director General of Microsoft Israel and other VIPs
View full press release>>

Surveys: 50 Years Since the Six-Day War

The Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research (then the Guttman Center) carried out a series of surveys just before, during and after the Six-Day War.
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The Israel Democracy Institute criticizes decision to reduce search committees for public service employees from 5 to 3 and says discussions of allowing additional political appointees ‘will harm the professional ethos of the public service’

IDI President Yohanan Plesner said of this latest development: “While one hand in the government is taking significant steps to diminish regulation and improve human resources in the public service, the other hand is harming these efforts.
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The Israel Democracy Institute Prior to Deliberations on a Knesset Proposal to Impose Sanctions on Non-Attendance at Parliamentary Committee Meetings:

'An important move that must be applied only to civil servants'
View full press release>>

The Israel Democracy Institute Ahead of Deliberations on Removing Tax Benefits from Human Rights Organizations:

‘Harming freedom of expression while deciding who is in favor and against the state for political reasons’
View full press release>>

Israel Democracy Institute: The Only Solution to the Crisis in the Kosher Certification Market is Privatization and Forming an Administrative Kosher Certification Authority

Scholar says the Chief Rabbinate’s proposal is 'no more than a cosmetic change that will cause more harm than good'
View full press release>>

The Israel Democracy Institute Ahead of Sunday’s Deliberations on the Amendment to the Bill on Public Broadcasting:

‘Historic, unfixable damage; the new bill will lead to cutting a third of the news budget for personal caprice’
View full press release>>

How's It Going?

Ahead of Israel Independence Day, IDI and Tel Aviv University Peace Index offers a statistical snapshot of how Israelis feel about life in Israel
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In Advance of Knesset vote on Israel Broadcasting Corporation, IDI calls on Ministers and MKs:

‘Do not lend your hand to this campaign of vengeance, these capricious amendments and inappropriate personal legislation’
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IDI Scholar on the Supreme Court Decision to Allow Several Supermarkets and Entertainment Establishments to Operate on Shabbat in Tel Aviv: ‘The Knesset is paralyzed, resulting in legal chaos’

“Instead of devising agreements through consensus on the matter of ‘resting on Shabbat’ as we do on other topics, we have a state of legal and procedural chaos,” explained Dr. Shuki Friedman. “It’s a situation of each man for himself.”
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IDI Scholars: 'Gender-Separate Classrooms Could Enable More Ultra-Orthodox Students to Attain Higher Education Degrees'

In the coming weeks, members of the Council of Higher Education will vote on expanding gender-separated classrooms for ultra-Orthodox on academic campuses.
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IDI's Malach: 'Kahlon Net Family Plan Could Give a Boost to Haredi Middle Class, Too'

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s Net Family Plan could give a boost to the haredi middle class, which has been developing over the last several years, by increasing the incentive for haredim to seek a higher education and for both parents to work.
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Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: 'Legislation is like medicine'

At joint Israel Democracy Institute-Makor Rishon conference, ministers also addressed chemical weapons tragedy in Syria.
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If Elections Were Held Tomorrow, Israelis Would Select a Right-of-Center Government

Latest Peace Index: Trump’s White House invitation to Abbas not viewed as negative toward Israel; Israelis believe chances of Israeli-Syrian war low
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IDI Responds to Deal Resolving Dispute over Public Broadcasting

IDI President Yohanan Plesner and Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler call on members of Knesset, as public servants, as well as other watchdogs, to oppose the new framework
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10 Past Ministers Come Out Against Changes to Public Broadcasting Law

Ministers from parties ranging from National Religious to Meretz say they support the complete separation of politics and media
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Ultra-Orthodox Employment Levels Cease Increasing

The percentage of ultra-Orthodox men who work remained stagnant in 2016 for the first time after a consistent upturn over the past several years, according to a new report by the Central Bureau of Statistics.
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IDI Ahead of the Vote on the V-15 Bill

‘The bill sets an extremist and dim precedent, which casts a shadow of harsh limitations on freedom of expression’
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The Israel Democracy Institute and the Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance Present: Arab Political Leadership in Israel

The Israel Democracy Institute, in cooperation with the Injaz Center, conducted a conference on Wednesday, February 28, about Israel's Arab citizens and the State of Israel.
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IDI’s Forum of Former Ministers: ‘Make Professionalism of High Court Nominees Top Priority’

The Israel Democracy Institute’s Forum of Former Ministers issued a statement recommending that the Judicial Selection Committee consider that professional qualifications be of foremost importance when selecting judges. For a full list of recommendations, click here.
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Dr. Shuki Friedman: 'New Kashrut Model Must Put an End to Chief Rabbinate's Monopoly'

“The Israeli kashrut system is simply bad,” said Dr. Shuki Friedman, Director of the Israel Democracy Institute's Center for Religion, Nation and State, in response to a deliberation earlier today by Israel's Supreme Court on the issue of the Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly on kosher certification.
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50% of Jewish public Hesitant to Expand Settlement Construction, Even with Trump at Helm

Latest Peace Index: 53% of Jewish Israelis oppose annexing territories.
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Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) Leaders Say ‘In Favor’ of Initiative to Limit Private Legislation and Raise Oversight Power of Members of Knesset

IDI President Yohanan Plesner: ‘This initiative is a step in the right direction and is essential for Israeli democracy. However, the notion of conducting hearings for appointments to top positions is potentially extremely harmful. Thus, its details – and necessity – must be further explored.’
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Israel Democracy Institute Scholars on the Proposal to Enable Religious Courts to Arbitrate on Civil Matters: ‘A Good and Balanced Proposal’

Ahead of vote on a bill that would enable religious courts to conduct arbitration with the agreement of both parties, similar to the arbitration that takes place in other frameworks, a policy statement sent to the Ministerial Committee on Legislation asks the committee to support the legislation.
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Professor Eytan Sheshinski joins the Israel Democracy (IDI) Institute as a Senior Researcher in the Center for Governance and the Economy

Top Israeli economist has joined IDI as a senior researcher in the Center for Governance and the Economy, under the leadership of Dafna Aviram-Nitzan.
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Dr. Shuki Friedman: Religious Status Quo is Dead

IDI scholar responds to High Court deliberations on changes to Shabbat ordinance in Tel Aviv.
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IDI in the Media: 'Facebook Bill'

Dozens of media outlets quoted Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler on the 'Facebook Bill.'
View full press release>>

‘Zero Tolerance Approach to Terrorism’

At IDI roundtable, Facebook official explains inner workings of social network’s oversight system.
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IDI President Responds to Advancement of V-15 Bill

Israel Democracy Institute President Yohanan Plesner said that the V-15 proposal is intended to answer a real need. However, the bill that was advanced today is un-careful and fraught with weaknesses and material defects.
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Israel Democracy Institute Scholar Responds to High Court Deliberations on the 'Agunah of Safed'

Dr. Shuki Friedman, Director of the Israel Democracy Institute’s Center for Nation, Religion and State: 'This is an attempt to intimidate rabbinical judges.'
View full press release>>

Arabs & Jews Agree: Trump will be Friendly toward Israel

The latest Peace Index, published by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, found that some 69% of Jewish Israelis expect Trump’s attitude toward Israel to be friendly. The Arab public (74%) agrees with the assessment that Trump will be friendly toward Israel.
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IDI in the Media on Elor Azaria

IDI was quoted in nearly 500 articles connected to the Elor Azaria verdict, including interviews with Yohanan Plesner, Yedidia Stern, Mota Kremnitzer, Amichai Cohen, Tamar Hermann and Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler. We reached a potential 403 million individuals, through coverage in 28 countries and 42 states, plus Washington, D.C.
View full press release>>

The Post that was Never Written

This is what the prime minister of Israel should have posted on his Facebook page following the conviction of Sgt. Elor Azaria, the “Hebron Shooter” who shot and killed an incapacitated terrorist…
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Elor Azaria: Statement by IDI President Plesner

'Regardless of the conviction of Elor Azaria, the public response to the incident reveals a deep fracture in Israeli society. A significant part of the Israeli public does not identify with the IDF’s code of ethics and its interpretation in practice by army officers.'
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The Israel Democracy Institute Ahead of Deliberations on the V-15 Bill

The bill is full of unclear definitions, reflects un-careful behavior constitutionally, could harm freedom of political expression; private contributions shouldn’t be limited, rather there should be a ceiling on expenses.
View full press release>>

NGO Bill Passes: IDI Scholar Dr. Amir Fuchs Reacts

'Despite the many changes that have been made to the bill, largely due to the opposition of many coalition MKs that did not want to harm human rights organizations, the bill is still not a good one, it will not improve transparency, and it has no precedent in the Western World.'
View full press release>>

IDI Releases 2016 Israeli Democracy Index

Significant drop in public trust in government institutions and politicians; tension between Jews and Arabs is most serious point of friction; most Israelis are proud of being Israeli
View full press release>>

Peace Index: Israeli Jews Split Over Regulation Bill; 56% Support Mosque Bill

Latest survey finds 50% of Israelis believe Donald Trump will favor Israel over Palestinians.
View full press release>>

Head of IDF’s Personnel Directorate says Freeze in Negotiations for Goldin, Shaul

Topolansky, Head of IDF’s Personnel Directorate, says after two years of negotiations with Hamas, IDF unable to redeem bodies of Goldin, Shaul.
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‘Unacceptable:’ IDI Scholars React to imminent Passage of Regulation Law

‘Could erode the entire legal underpinning of settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria.’
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IDI Scholars’ Statement Ahead of Tomorrow’s Discussion on V-15 Bill

Ahead of V15 bill discussion, Israel Democracy Institute scholars sent a policy statement to members of the special committee legislating the bill, recommending a moderated version that would include transparency, but would cancel the limitations on non-party organizations that appear in the bill.
View full press release>>

Peace Index: 62% of Israelis Predict Clinton Will Win U.S. Election

When Jewish Israelis were asked which U.S. presidential candidate would be better for Israel from the standpoint of the Israeli government’s policy, the Jewish public thinks Trump (38.5%) will be better than Clinton (33%).
View full press release>>

IDI Praises MK Ayelet Shaked: Time to Reduce Private Legislation

The Israel Democracy Institute praises Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who at the Israel Bar Association conference in Tel Aviv on Aug. 31 railed against overregulation and over-legislation.
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Palestinian-Israeli Pulse: Low Chances for an Independent Palestinian State in the Next 5 Years

Survey shows only small majority of Israelis and Palestinians support a two-state solution and that Israelis and Palestinians do not trust each other.
View full press release>>

IDI’s Gilad Malach Comes Out Against Decision to Recognize Rabbinical Studies as Academic Degree

‘Creating equivalency between academic and Torah studies cheapens the skills required for public service,’ asserts IDI's Director of Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel Program.
View full press release>>

Monthly Peace Index: IDF should Espouse Pluralistic and Open Value System

Sixty-nine percent of Jewish Israelis believe it is good for the IDF to espouse a pluralist and open value system, including accepting “others,” such as members of the LGBT community.
View full press release>>

IDI President Plesner Responds to Liberman's Rebuke of Army Radio

Following Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s rebuke of the Commander of Army Radio, Yaron Deckel, IDI President states that comparison between Mahmoud Darwish and Adolf Hitler is '…yet another gross example of cheapening the memory of the Holocaust.'
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As MK Expulsion Bill is Brought for Third And Fourth Reading...

IDI leadership says the bill 'harms the principles of separation of powers and freedom of expression, as well as the relationship between the State of Israel and its Arab minority.'
View full press release>>

Head of IDI’s Religion and State Program: ‘It Should be Forbidden to Appoint Rabbis to Senior Posts who Copy-and-Paste Laws from Biblical Times and Apply them to Today’

IDI's Yair Sheleg states that religious viewpoints should be rooted in Torah, but they must be explained in a modern context, which is quite different than the world that once was.
View full press release>>

'The Mikveh Bill Harms the very Ethos of the State of Israel as a State for all Jews,’ IDI Researcher Yair Sheleg

In advance of Wednesday’s discussion in the Knesset Interior and Environment Committee on the Mikveh Bill, the head of IDI’s Religion and State program sent a policy paper to committee MKs, asking them to vote against the bill.
View full press release>>

55% of the Jewish Public Prefers Continued Israeli Rule Over the Palestinians

The latest Peace Index explores the public's positions on the ramifications of the Six-Day War, which will commemorate its 50th anniversary next year. The war took place between June 5 and June 10, 1967.
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IDI's Lurie Applauds Move by A-G Mandelblit to Publish Schedule of Meetings

The Israel Democracy Institute welcomed the decision by Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit to publish his schedule of meetings. Dr. Guy Lurie said the move will allow the public to differentiate between issues that are and are not central on the A-G's agenda.
View full press release>>

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin Hosts the Israel Democracy Institute's Forum of Former Ministers

Forum of Former Ministers met with President Rivlin at his home in Jerusalem. During the meeting, the forum presented the president with an overview of their last six months of activities, since it was established.
View full press release>>

38% of C-Suite Businesspeople Don't Believe the Business Press is Truly Independent

An Israel Democracy Institute survey of 76 top Israeli businesspeople, shared during the final session of IDI's Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society, showed that only 59 percent believe the Israeli business press is truly independent.
View full press release>>

Bank of Israel's Karnit Flug: 'Ensure More Ultra-Orthodox Males Receive a Complete Secular Education'

Israel's GDP is 40 percent lower than that of the U.S. and its level of productivity is 33% less than most OECD countries, according to a presentation by Dr. Karnit Flug, governor of the Bank of Israel.
View full press release>>

Innovation in the Public Sector: Dream or Reality?

First day of IDI's 23rd annual Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society concludes with a call for government, public sector to trail-blaze.
View full press release>>

Minister Shaked: 'When a Minister is Elected, He Has to Lay the Railroad Tracks, Not Just Drive the Engine'

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked used her platform at IDI's Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society to define good governance.
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MK Moshe Gafni: 'Economic Gap in Israel is Growing'

First session of IDI's Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society highlights Ministry of Finance strategic plan, need for improved public transportation, increased housing supply and better education and employment opportunities for Arabs, ultra-Orthodox.
View full press release>>

Israel Democracy Institute's First-Ever Economic Survey

Findings show Israelis largely satisfied with their economic situations; level of education closely tied to level of economic anxiety.
View full press release>>

Bank of Israel Governor Karnit Flug, Ministry of Finance Director-General Shai Babad to Headline Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy & Society

Israel Democracy Institute's leading economic conference will focus on integrating innovation into the government, actuarial crisis, and role of business press, among other topics.
View full press release>>

Statement by IDI President Yohanan Plesner on the Advancement of the Mikveh Bill

Following today's advancement of the Mikveh Bill by the Knesset Plenum, IDI President said, 'The Mikveh Bill is not worthy of being included in the laws of Israel.'
View full press release>>

Tzav Giyur: A Coalition Promoting Conversion in Israel

As Israel approaches the festival of Shavuot, which commemorates Ruth's decision to join the Jewish people, IDI has joined a new forum established to promote conversion in Israel.
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