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The Current Government


Israel's 34th government was sworn in on May 14, 2015, two months after the elections for the 20th Knesset. The government is headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is serving his fourth (non-consecutive) term as Prime Minister.

Netanyahu's fourth government is currently comprised of a six-party coalition: Likud, Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home), Kulanu, Shas, United Torah Judaism (UTJ) and Yisrael Beiteinu. Together, these six parties hold a majority of 66 members of Knesset (MKs) out of 120.

Government Position Name Party
Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Communications, Economy, Regional Cooperation Benjamin Netanyahu Likud
Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon Kulanu
Defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman Yisrael Beytenu
Minister of Education, Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett Habayit Hayehudi
Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman United Torah Judaism
Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil Arye Deri Shas
Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked Habayit Hayehudi
Minister of Internal Security, Information, Strategic Affairs Gilad Ardan Likud
Minister of Transportation, Intellignece Yisrael Katz Likud Beytenu
Minister of Energy & Water Yuval Steinitz Likud
Government Position Name Party
Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin Likud
Minister of Construction Yoav Galant Kulanu
Minister of Welfare & Social Services Haim Katz Likud
Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel Habayit Hayehudi
Minister of Culture & Sport Miri Regev Likud
Minister of Immigrant & Absorption Ze'ev Elkin Likud
Minister of Science, Technology & Space Ofir Akunis Likud
Minister of Religious Services David Azulai Shas
Minister for Senior Citizens Gila Gamliel Likud
Minister of Immigrant Absorption Sofa Landver Yisrael Beytenu
Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, in charge of National Security and Foreign Affairs. Tzachi Hanegbi Likud