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Israel's 37th Government

The results of the 2022 elections pointed to a clear victory to the "Netanyahu Bloc". The four right-wing lists associated with this bloc won a majority of 64 seats and therefore the President of Israel tasked Netanyahu with forming the government. Despite initial statements that the goal was to establish a government "within two weeks", the coalition negotiations dragged on and finally the 37th government was sworn in only on December 29, almost two months after the elections. The government includes Bezalel Smotrich as Minister of Finance (in addition to the position of a Minister in the Ministry of Defense), Yoav Galant as Minister of Defense and Yisrael Katz as Minister of Foreign Affairs. In October 2023, on the background of Israel's war with Hamas, the National Unity Party (headed by Benny Gantz) joined the ruling coalition. Five of its MKs were appointed as ministers. In June 2024 following the departure of National Unity Party, the coalition returned to its original size. Currently the government includes 32 ministers.

Government Position Name Party
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Likud
Minister of Defense Yoav Galant Likud
Minister of Finance & Minister in the Ministry of Defense Bezalel Smotrich Religious Zionism
Minister of Foreign Affairs Yisrael Katz Likud
Minister of Justice Yariv Levin Likud
Minister of Transportation Miri Regev Likud
Minister of Interior Moshe Arbel Shas
Minister of Education Yoav Kish Likud
Minister of Health Uriel Buso Shas
Minister in the Ministry of Education Haim Biton Shas
Minister of Economy Nir Barkat Likud
Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir Religious Zionism
Minister of Culture & Sport Miki Zohar Likud
Minister of Communications Shlomo Karhi Likud
Minister of Energy Eli Cohen Likud
Minister of Enviromental Protection Idit Silman Likud
Government Position Name Party
Minister of Housing Yitzchak Goldknopf United Torah Judaism
Minister of Agriculture Avi Dichter Likud
Minister of Social Affairs Ya'akov Margi Shas
Minister of Labor Yoav Ben-Tzur Shas
Minister of Tourism Haim Katz Likud
Minister of Immigration & Absorption Ofir Sofer Religious Zionism
Minister of Science & Technology Gila Gamliel Likud
Minister of Diaspora Amichai Chikli Likud
Minister of Religious Affairs Michael Malchieli Shas
Minister of Negev and Galil Yitzhak Wasserlauf Religious Zionism
Minister for National Projects Orit Strook Religious Zionism
Minister of Heritage Amichai Eliahu Religious Zionism
Minister without portfolio Meir Porush United Torah Judaism
Minister of Strategic Affairs Ron Dermer
Minister of Social Equality & Women's Advancement May Golan Likud
Minister in the Ministry of Justice & Minister of Regional Cooperation David Amsalem Likud