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When surfing or using the site, you agree to the terms of this usage agreement. The information on this on-line internet service (hereinafter, the “Service”) is provided by The Israel Democracy Institute (a registered amuta [non-profit association]) (hereinafter, “IDI”) and is provided subject to the express terms hereinunder. The term “User” hereinafter means any person who contacts or communicates with the Service. Use of the site is subject to additional declarations or terms which [are likely to] appear on the site and IDI shall be entitled to terminate use of the site by the User should he not abide by any of the terms of this agreement.

The Terms of Use for the site are formulated in the masculine tense solely for convenience’s sake, and relate, of course, to women as well.

In these Terms [of Use], the term “Content” or “Contents” includes information of any type or kind, including any verbal, visual, audio, audio-visual, or any other combination thereof of any Content, as well as their design, processing, editing, distribution and manner of [their] display, including (but not only): any picture, photograph, illustration, animation, sketch, image, virtualization, sample, short film, audio file and musical file; any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, data base and [computer] interface, as well as any [computer] character, symbol and icon.


All copyrights and intellectual property in the design of the website, and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and any other material included therein – belongs solely to IDI. No portion of the above-mentioned may be copied, distributed, quoted or publicly displayed or transmitted to a third party without obtaining the consent of IDI to do so, in writing and in advance.

The trade marks on the website are solely the property of IDI – or, in the event they have been publicized by their publishers, [are] solely the property of such publishers. No use may be made thereof without their agreement, in writing and in advance.

[Any] quote is required to note the source of [such] quote. A User is prohibited from causing any distortion, damage or other modification to the protected material, or taking any action which in any way diminishes the value of the protected material, which is liable to harm the respect or reputation of the copyright holder thereof.

Contacting IDI

Any query regarding this Service, as well as questions concerning the sphere of activity of IDI, may be addressed directly to IDI at its e-mail address: info@idi.org.il


The Service is offered to the general public “as is”.

IDI shall not bear any liability for adapting the Service to the needs of the User.  Moreover, IDI shall not bear any liability for errors and/or mistakes in the material displayed in the Service. IDI shall not bear any liability for amendments made in the material displayed in the Service by the User or by any third party.

The information and advice provided on this site may not serve as a basis for any legal and/or other procedure.

IDI shall not bear any liability for any damage caused to the User and/or any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the Service, including damage caused as a result of using software applications downloaded directly through the Service or operated as a result of using the Service, including internet applications.

The User shall bear sole responsibility for the manner in which he makes use of the Service.

With regard to this section, “IDI” means[:] including its workers and representatives.


This Service contains links to other sites. The provisions hereinunder shall apply to the use of such links, and shall not derogate from the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use.

The links are intended solely for the convenience of the User.

With regard to links to external sites which do not belong to IDI (hereinunder, the “Third Party Sites”): Unless otherwise noted on this site, there is no legal or commercial relationship between the IDI and the owners of such Third Party Sites, and IDI has no control over, or right in, the material found on such sites. IDI shall not be liable for the Content of the material found on the Third Party Sites.

Links to Third Party Sites shall not be interpreted as providing [a seal of] approval, authorization, recommendation or preference by IDI of such linked sites, including documents and any other material found therein, the operators of such sites or the products shown therein.

At the time of including any link in this Service, it was determined that the information on the linked site was appropriate for the objectives of this Service, and that the link itself was correct. Nonetheless, it is possible that, over time, modifications have occurred in the linked site. Should the User believe the linked site or material is unsuitable or find that the link is incorrect, he is requested to notify the site manager thereof. Moreover, should the User determine that an additional site is relevant to the topic of this Service, he is requested to notify the site manager thereof.

Modifications to the Site

IDI reserves the right to make improvements or modifications to the information, Content, Services and products on the site or to terminate its activity at any time without advance notice.

IDI is likely to [may] amend this agreement at any time, and the amendments shall enter into force immediately upon their publication.
Therefore, you agree to periodically examine this agreement on a regular basis, and continued use of the site is contingent upon your agreement to the amended text of the agreement.

Official Publications of IDI

In the event that a contradiction or discrepancy shall be discovered between the material published on the Service and material appearing in the official written publications of IDI, only the material in such official publications shall be deemed correct.


This agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. The competent courts of Jerusalem shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter relating to this agreement and use of the site.

Warning: The information available on this internet site is solely [of a] general and informative information [nature] and may serve as a source of information solely for surfers of this site. This information and/or responses given in the framework of this internet site may not be presented to any external entity or body and should not be relied upon for any other purpose.

It is possible that a portion of the information published on the site also includes information published on the site by the Users. IDI shall not be liable for information published by the Users nor by it. IDI shall not bear any liability for information, notices and/or any offers published on the site by the Users – and/or any consequence resulting from use of such information.

Please note that, subject to a short registration process in which surfers are required to fill out their e-mail address, the site enables surfers to add their responses/notices, as well as to peruse responses/notices written by other Users of the site (hereinunder, the “Responses”). The Content of the Responses is solely the responsibility of the User. The User declares that he is aware that the IDI is not liable for the Responses, their accuracy, nature and/or quality and any damage caused to him and/or to others by publishing the Responses and/or any use made by him of the Responses and/or their Content. The User undertakes that his Responses on the site shall not breach the provisions of any law and/or shall not include any material which infringes upon, or violates, the property rights of others, any material of a pornographic or vitriolic character or which is liable to offend public sensibilities and/or any material related to minors and their identification and/or any illegal material or material which encourages, supports, assists, provides instruction for the commission, or identifies the commission, of an act which constitutes a criminal offense under the laws of the State of Israel and/or any material which constitutes libel of a person or invades his privacy and/or any material where the publication thereof is prohibited under the provisions of any law and/or any material liable to mislead the consumer, as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

It is hereby clarified that IDI shall be entitled, at its sole, complete and absolute discretion, to edit and/or delete and/or not to display responses by such surfers which are damaging to a[ny] third party whatsoever and/or contain any violation of [any] provision of law and/or statute and/or include libel and/or in the opinion of IDI do not conform with the professional, ethical or value code of IDI.

Use of the site is contingent upon the agreement of the User to all the terms set forth hereinabove and hereinunder. In the absence of an express written notice of non-agreement to such terms, the User shall be deemed as having agreed to all such terms and having undertaken to act pursuant thereto.

I have read the regulations, understood them as well as their terms, and agree thereto, and am aware that the liability of the owners and/or operators and/or providers of information of the site, and/or any one thereof and/or on their behalf, is subject to the terms of these regulations.