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Israel’s 36th government (Bennett-Lapid government) which took office following the 2021 elections was unique in several ways. First, the parliamentary coalition that supported the government included, for the first time, an Arab party (Ra’am); Secondly, it included 8 parties from a wide ideological spectrum; Thirdly, the prime minister came from a small party. These attributes, along with the fact that it was a fragile coalition supported by a minimal majority of 61 MKs, led to a government that faced constant and complex challenges. In the first 10 months the government met these challenges quite well. However, by Spring 2022 the government had begun to destabilize after several MKs removed their parliamentary support. The loss of a parliamentary majority culminated in PM Bennett’s decision to dissolve the Knesset and call for early elections. As a result, Yesh Atid’s chairman Yair Lapid was nominated as Israel’s 14th Prime Minister.

The election to the 25th Knesset were held on November 1st, 2022. This marked the fifth time Israeli citizens went to the polls within three and a half years. As a result, Israel has become the parliamentary democracy with the highest election frequency, a circumstance that reflects alarming levels of instability and lack of governability. In August, some of the parties held primaries to elect their candidates for the coming elections, while in other parties the lists were determined by the leader or by a small nominating committee.

Towards the deadline for submitting the lists of candidates, the field of contestants became clearer. Three main changes occured in comparison to the previous elections. First, the New Hope party (headed by by Gideon Sa'ar) joined Blue & White (headed by Benny Gantz), and the two ran under a new label: Israel's Unity Party. Second, Yamina list disintegrated. Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett retired and Ayelet Shaked competed under The Jewish Home. Thirdly, the Joint List broke up and Hadash-Ta'al competed on one list, while Balad competed independently for the first time since 2013. A total of 40 lists submitted their candidacies to the Central Election Committee.

Election polls predicted close elections between the pro-Netanyahu bloc and the parties which opposed a Netanyahu-led government. In terms of number of votes the elections indeed showed nearly a tie between the two blocs. However, the failure of Meretz and Balad to clear the electoral threshold resulted in a clear victory to the right-wing parties. Likud and its allies won a total of 64 seats, a comfortable majority that will allow Netanyahu to form a "pure" right-wing government.

The Elections for the 25th Knesset


Number Eligible Voters


Electoral Threshold


Total Votes


Total Votes


Voter Turnout


Party Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
Likud 1,115,336 32 23.4 Candidates Candidates
Yesh Atid 847,435 24 17.8 Candidates Candidates
Religious Zionism 516,470 14 10.8 Candidates Candidates
National Unity Party 432,482 12 9.1 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Shas 392,964 11 8.2 Candidates Candidates
United Torah Judaism 280,194 7 5.9 Candidates Candidates
Yisrael Beitenu 213,687 6 4.5 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Ra'am 194,047 5 4.1 Candidates Candidates
Hadash-Ta'al 178,735 5 3.8 Candidates Candidates
Labor Party 175,992 4 3.7 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Meretz 150,793 - 3.2 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Balad 138,617 - 2.9 Candidates Candidates
The Jewish Home 56,775 - 1.2 Candidates Candidates
Economic Freedom 15,801 - 0.3 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Brave for You 14,694 - 0.3 Candidates Candidates
New Economy 13,920 - 0.3 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Burning Young 8,800 - 0.2 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
The Pirates 1,728 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Environment & Animal Voice 1,618 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Ale Yarok 1,524 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Nativ 1,354 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Every Vote Counts 1,292 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Yesh Kivun 1,215 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Israel Free & Democratic 1,157 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Seder Chadash 1,078 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
New Independents 1,020 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Manhigut Chevratit 988 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
30-40 List 939 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Ani VeAta – Israel’s People Party 746 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Shachar Social Power 430 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Jewish Heart 415 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Biblical Bloc Party 411 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Kvod HaAdam 350 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Anachnu 334 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Tzomet 292 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Tsav HaSha'a 262 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Shma 255 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
Ichud Bnei HaBrit 234 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Kama 205 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
Koach Lehashpia 153 - 0.0