Yesh Atid


Yesh Atid

Founded in 2012

Yesh Atid (literally: "There is a Future") is a center party that was established before the elections for the 19th Knesset by Israeli journalist and media personality Yair Lapid. This new party was the surprise of the election: it managed to win 19 seats, positioning it as the second largest political faction in the Knesset.


Yesh Atid defines itself as a center party, and focuses more on social issues, civic issues, and issues of governance than on political-security issues. Among the causes it champions, Yesh Atid calls for political reform by means of a significant increase in the electoral threshold, limiting the number of ministers in the government, and stabilizing the position of the Prime Minister. Education is a central focus of the party. Yesh Atid also advocates equal military service by members of all sectors of Israeli society and hopes that within several years every Israeli citizen will serve the country through military or national civil service.


Election Year Votes Count Seats Count Votes Percent List Of Candidates Platform
2015 20 11 8.8 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
2013 19 19 14.3 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform

Yair Lapid, Shay Piron, Yael German

Yesh Atid was the senior coalition partner in Benjamin Netanyahu’s third government, which took office in March 2013. Five ministries in the 33rd government of Israel were given to representatives of this party: Finance (Yair Lapid), Education (Shay Piron), Health (Yael German), Welfare (Meir Cohen), and Science (Yaakov Peri). In early December 2014, Prime Minister Netanyahu fired Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Soon after, the rest of the ministers of Yesh Atid resigned their posts.