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The Peace Index

The Peace Index is a longitudinal research project based on a monthly survey that systematically monitors trends in Israeli public opinion regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel and their impact on Israeli society. This oft-cited evaluation of public sentiments and attitudes was originally initiated by the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University in 1994, and became a project of IDI's Guttman Center for Surveys and Tel Aviv University's Evens Program in Mediation and Conflict Resolution in January 2010. The project is headed by IDI Senior Fellow Prof. Tamar Hermann and Prof. Ephraim Yaar of Tel Aviv University.


The Peace Index conducts a monthly survey of a representative sample of Israel's adult population, which includes approximately 600 men and women, Jewish and Arab citizens, residents of agricultural communities, and Jewish settlers residing beyond the Green Line. The surveys are presently conducted by the Dahaf Institute, with statistical processing by Ms. Yasmin Alkalay.

Each month, The Peace Index, which was called "The War and Peace Index" for a period of time, issues a brief overview of the major findings of the monthly survey, an in-depth analysis of the trends revealed, and the questionnaire and data set for the monthly poll. These materials are available on this site in both Hebrew and English.

The Peace Index also has a dedicated website that includes the archives of the project since its inception as well as the findings of related public opinion polls. Click here to visit this valuable resource for the public and researchers alike. To receive a monthly newsletter that will alert you to the findings of the Peace Index each month as soon as they are available, click here to subscribe.

For further information, contact PeaceIndex@idi.org.il


The Peace Index project includes ongoing monitoring of the Israeli public's attitudes towards peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The monthly Negotiation Index is comprised of two questions, one focusing on public support for peace negotiations and the other on the degree to which the public believes that such talks will actually lead to peace. The aggregated replies to these two questions are calculated, combined, and standardized on a scale of 0-100, in which 0 represents total lack of support for negotiations and lack of belief in their potential to bear fruit, and 100 represents total support for the process and belief in its potential. Each month, the Negotiations Index presents two distinct findings, one for the general Israeli population and the other for Jewish Israelis.

Construction of the Negotiation Index

The Negotiations Index is computed as a weighted average of the following two questionnaire items:

  1. What is your position on holding peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

    a. Strongly in favor

    b. Moderately in favor

    c. Moderately opposed

    d. Strongly opposed

    e. I don't know\ decline to answer

  2. Do you believe or not believe that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will lead to peace between Israel and the Palestinians in the coming years?

    a. Strongly believe

    b. Moderately believe

    c. Moderately don’t believe

    d. Don’t believe at all

    e. I don't know\ decline to answer

Please note the following:

  1. Respondents who answer "don't know" or who decline to answer (about 5%) are not included in the computation.
  2. The average correlation between the two items is approximately 0.55.
  3. The original scales of 1–4 are transformed linearly to a scale ranging from 0 ("strongly opposed" or "don't believe at all") to 100 ("strongly in favor" or "strongly believe"). For example, if all respondents were "strongly in favor" of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and "strongly believe" that negotiations will lead to peace in the coming years, the index would be 100.

Most Recent Peace Index Reports


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