Press Release

On the Knesset's Dissolution and Third Elections

(Jerusalem – December 11, 2019 Midnight) – The Israel Democracy Institute’s President Yohanan Plesner and Vice Presidents Prof. Karnit Flug and Prof. Yuval Shany issued a statement on the dissolution of the Knesset and third elections.


Knesset | Flash 90

“Two main conclusions can be drawn from the two consecutive and unprecedented failures of the Israeli  political system to form a government following elections.

The first is that the electoral system must be reformed so that it can reclaim its decision-making capabilities and reduce the influence of sectorial parties on the composition of the government.

The second is that clear and explicit rules need to be put in place to ensure that any candidate for prime minister accused of serious crimes is suspended from office until his or her case is determined in court.

Both of these reforms must be the top priority for whoever forms the next government so that similar crises do not repeat themselves  in the future.

It is deeply unfortunate that that this political deadlock continues at the expense of Israel’s national interest and its citizens."