Press Release

Proposed Conversion Law: A Recipe for Disaster

The attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court's ruling and strengthen the Rabbinate's monopoly and endanger the fragile balance in place today

Flash 90

Dr. Shuki Friedman, Director of the Israel Democracy Institute's Center for Religion, Nation and State on the Minister of Interior’s proposed conversion law:

“Israel is the proud home of half a million immigrants (largely from the FSU), many of whom want to join the Jewish people. The strict conversion standard already adopted by the governmental conversion authority is pushing away those who seek to bind their futures with that of the Jewish nation. The Minister of Interior’s attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling and strengthen the Rabbinate’s monopoly over conversion will violate the already fragile balance in place and lead to yet another crisis between the State of Israel and the Jewish communities of the Diaspora.”

Friedman added: “Instead of embracing those wishing to join the Jewish people, those who have immigrated and Diaspora Jews abroad, the proposed law will widen the gap between those living in the State of Israel and Jews who reside in communities around the world. This law is quite simple, a recipe for disaster.”