Press Release

Government Unable to Manage Corona Crisis

Israel Democracy Institute Researcher Dr. Amir Fuchs on proposed legislation that will allow the government to enact emergency measures that will be effective immediately, without the need for Knesset approval.

Flash 90

"This fast-tracked legislation, that is intended to allow the cabinet to put further restrictions in place without approval from Knesset committees, is yet another example of chaos and an inability of the government to manage the coronavirus crisis. This law would provide the government with far too much leeway and would exempt it from the necessary parliamentary oversight. This bill was proposed while at the same time the "Corona Law" is being debated in the Law Committee that would include the necessary amendments to allow for the declaration of an emergency situation and for Knesset approval."

"Overcoming COVID-19 is indeed a significant challenge that demands flexibility from the government, yet democratic process and genuine debate in the Knesset are not 'burdens' on the cabinet. Knesset debates are not only an important tool in safeguarding civil rights, but also in obtaining the public's trust. Passing this law in such a hasty manner will have the opposite effect and such dramatic decisions must be approved by the Knesset made with full parliamentary oversight.