2020 Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy & Society – Recap of Day 1

The first day of the 2020 Eli Hurvitz Conference on Economy and Society included discussions and deliberations with the Finance Minister Israel Katz, Prof. Amir Yaron the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Avi Simhon, the Chair of the National Economic Council, and senior private sector leaders from Israel and abroad.

The day ended with a special panel in English featuring a conversation on Israel and the Global Economic Crisis with IDI's Yohanan Plesner and Prof. Karnit Flug, Start-Up Nation Central CEO Prof. Eugene Kandel and author of the best-selling Start-up Nation Dan Senor.

Among other topics, the participants discussed ways to ensure that the Israeli economy is prepared to rebound from the COVID crisis, how to ready Israel for a greener economy by 2050 and how the local and global crises are intertwined with each other.