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Ministry Adopts IDI's Investor's Regulatory Roadmap

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IDI welcomed the adoption of its recommendations by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked who announced the implementation of the Investor's Regulatory Roadmap Report, first published at IDI’s 2018 Eli Hurvitz Conference.

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The report presented a set of recommendations with a goal of significantly shortening (by 50%) the duration of the process of establishing plants and factories from two to four years (without the construction phase) to one to two years. The report outlined a reduced timetable originating at the initial stage of locating and allocating appropriate land, proceeding through the process of obtaining a building permit, and culminating with the granting of a business license.

Daphna Aviram Nitzan, Director of the Center for Governance and the Economy at the Israel Democracy Institute, who led the steering committee that drafted the report, congratulated the Ministry of Economy, the Regulation Division in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior, the Accountant General Division in the Ministry of Finance and the Manufacturers' Association for working together to adopt these recommendations.

“Now is the time to implement the remaining recommendations in the report, including the establishment of a digital ’One Stop Shop’ for all government-business sector interactions,” said Aviram Nitzan. “This is a necessary step that will improve the business environment, increase transparency reduce the burden of bureaucracy, lead to more equality between small and large businesses, and significantly dimmish the possibility of corruption,” she continued.

IDI’s Center for Governance and the Economy center, has now convened a working team – led by Yair Frank, former head of the Government ICT Authority – focused on the establishment of the digital portal for businesses, in collaboration with the public and private sectors.

Additional background: The report, prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Justice and the Prime Minister’s Office, was established as part of a special project initiated by Israel Democracy Institute and the Ministry of Economy.

Link to the report.