Press Release

Noa Barak-Weshler Named Director of Media and Marketing for the Israel Democracy Institute

Noa Barak-Weshler is the new Director of Marketing and Media for the Israel Democracy Institute. In this capacity she will run its Spokesperson’s and Public Relations office, including responsibility for public campaigns, online conferences, and branding.

For the last three years Barak-Weshler has served as director of the Press Relations Unit, Media, and Public Affairs at the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Israel Space Agency. She was responsible for planning and implementing the Ministry’s strategic marketing and media plan, oversaw the development of traditional and online media campaigns, initiated articles and publications about the Ministry and the Space Agency, produced international events and conferences, and ran the spokesperson’s office.

Before that she spent more than 20 years in the Israeli media, at the Israel Broadcasting Company and the Israel Broadcasting Authority, in diverse senior journalistic positions for television and radio. She edited and presented current affairs programs, including Yoman Hashavua and the investigative series Mabat Sheni, produced investigative and documentary reports, and hosted and edited radio programs, including Hadshot Halayla and Hakol Dibburim.

Barak-Weshler earned a B.A. with distinction in Communications and International Relations and an M.A. in political communications, both from the Hebrew University. At IDI she will be replacing Michal Cohen, who has been named head of the Division of Marketing and Communications at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.