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Symposium on Academic Freedom, Research Freedom, and Freedom of Speech

The Van Leer Institute 43 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem

For more information, contact the Van Leer Institute at: 02-5605222 

On Wednesday January 14, 2013 at 6:30 P.M., IDI and the Van Leer Institute will host a seminar that will explore two recent incidents in which it appears that the government attempted to limit academic freedom for political reasons: the attempt to shut down the political science department of Ben-Gurion University and the cancelation a senior Israeli academic's participation in an international science symposium. The evening will focus on the erosion of the border between politics and academic research.

Chair: Prof. Emeritus Gabriel Motzkin, Director of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


  • Dr. Arik Carmon, President of the Israel Democracy Institute
  • Prof. Yaron Ezrachi, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Dr. Gabi Avital, Chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel
  • Mr. Assaf Sagiv, Shalem Center

Respondent: Prof. Rivkah Feldhay, Tel Aviv University