Demo-Cameri: Theater and Politics – Parents and Children

Camerie Theater, Tel Aviv

On March 3, 2012, IDI and the Cameri Theater hosted an evening of discussion and drama, imagining what MKs of the past would have to say to their children, the MKs of the present.

What would the following fathers...

  • Moshe Baram, Member of the 4th through 8th Knesset; Minister of Labor and Housing
  • Chaim Herzog, Member of the 10th Knesset; Israel's Sixth President
  • Chaim Landau, Member of the 1st through 10th Knesset; Transportation Minister
  • Eitan Livni, Member of the 8th through 10th Knesset


...Say to the following children:

  • Uzi Baram, Member of the 10th through 15th Knesset; Interior Minister, Tourism Minister, Religious Affairs Minister
  • Isaac (Buji) Herzog, Member of the 16th through 18th Knesset; Social Affairs Minister
  • Uzi Landau, Member of the 11th through 18th Knesset; Internal Security Minister, Infrastructure Minister
  • Tzipi Livni, Member of the 15th through 18th Knesset; Absorption Minister, Justice Minister, Foreign Minister, and Head of the Opposition in the Knesset


The program included:

  • A scene from the play "Pollard," performed by the actor Rami Baruch
  • A reading from Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible"
  • A video clip from "Cabaret"
  • A panel discussion with the MK children listed above
  • Comments on theater and politics by director Omri Nitzan
  • A discussion with audience participation