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How Do We Appoint Senior Civil Servants?

As part of an historic compromise, the vast majority of civil service appointments are based on professional criteria and free from any political considerations, while the top positions are political appointments. Over the years, the appointment process for most of the senior positions has been facilitated through appointment committees, one of which is the Advisory Committee for the Appointment of Senior Civil Service Officers, headed by retired judge Eliezer Goldberg.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of preserving the existing system, and should the Advisory Committee’s functions be expanded, so that it will also examine candidate’s suitability for the position? Should its powers be anchored in law? And should the process of appointing the Committee chairman and its members be preserved?

The roundtable discussion will include former Committee members, politicians, lawyers and academics.

Among the participants are MK Karin Elharar, Dr. Aviad Bakshi, Adv. Dina Silber, Justice Yaakov Turkel, MK Yaakov Margi, Yochanan Plesner, Prof. Yedidia Stern, Prof. Yuval Shanyand Dr. Assaf Shapira.