• Participation by invitation only

Toward a More Inclusive Foreign Policy

Israel Democracy Institute, 4 Pinsker Street

How to increase the participation of Israel's diverse population groups in discussions related to the country's foreign policy? By invitation only.

Developments in international diplomacy, along with the information revolution, have created a situation in which the field of foreign relations is no longer the exclusive province of government officials. Increasingly, civil society groups, business entities and private entrepreneurs are becoming involved.

But it seems that Israel has been left behind. Foreign policy here is still considered the domain of experts. In addition, important members of Israeli society, such as women, Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, immigrants and residents of the country's periphery, are not active participants in the public debate about foreign affairs, nor do they take part in the decision-making process on this issue.

While there are many reasons for this phenomenon, the main factors are these groups' deliberate decision to distance themselves from the topic of foreign affairs, as well as their lack of awareness as to the potential they have to influence the discussion. Also, the exclusion and delegitimization of these populations by the rest of the Israeli public has contributed to this disconnect with regards to the issue of foreign affairs.

In light of Israel's complex geopolitical situation and the diverse complexion of its population, it is obvious that the country's approach to foreign policy can only be enhanced from a broad and inclusive discussion on issues related to foreign affairs.
Expanding the circle of participants will help unleash Israel's full potential in the international arena, strengthen social solidarity between different population groups within, and move the country forward towards a future of peace, security and prosperity.

The workshop is the first forum of its kind, tailored to foreign policy experts and representatives of Israel's diverse population groups.

Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only.