The Fourth Meeting of IDI's International Advisory Council

Wye River, Maryland

Dr. Arye Carmon, Hon. George P. Shultz, Mr. Bernie Marcus,
and Mr. Amir Elstein at the Wye River meetings

The fourth meeting of IDI's International Advisory Council (IAC) took place on February 2–4, 2013 in Wye River, MD. Participation in this event was by invitation only.

Topics of discussion included:

  • IDI's Efforts to Advance Political Reform
  • The Future of the Constitutional Process in Israel
  • The Ultra-Orthodox: Crisis and Opportunity
  • Israel's Economy in an Era of Uncertainty and Social Upheaval
  • The Collapse of Arab Dictatorship and Implications for Israel's Democracy


Former US Secretary of State George P. Shultz and IDI President
Dr. Arye Carmon

Presenters at the meetings included:

  • The Honorable George P. Shultz, Former US Secretary of State and IAC Chairman
  • Mr. Amir Elstein, Chairman of Israel Corporation and Chairman of IDI's Board of Directors
  • IAC members Charles Hill, Martin Indyk and Bret Stephens
  • Prof. Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, IDI board member and head of the Council for Higher Education in Israel.

    Prof. Gerhard Casper, IDI President Dr. Arye Carmon, and Mr. Jay Kaiman