Meeting of the Advisory Forum for Legislative Proceedings

The Israel Democracy Institute | 4 Pinsker Street, Jerusalem

IDI has established an Advisory Forum for Legislative Proceedings. This new forum brings together a diverse and pluralistic group of opinion leaders, intellectuals, and academics to examine legislative initiatives that are under dispute and evaluate them using standards of ethics, fairness, morality, international norms, and utility. Justice Meir Shamgar, Former President of the Israeli Supreme Court and a member of IDI's International Advisory Council, chairs the panel.

Although the forum seeks to influence public debate, it does not intend to become a player in the political field. It will not issue exhaustive analyses of specific pieces of legislation or seek to determine the constitutionality of proposed bills. Instead, it provides general standards for desired legislative policy and for dealing with problematic legislation. The forum functions as an advisory body, engaging in professional debate about legislative processes while maintaining respect for the legislative branch and its independence.