Prof. Orna Braun-Lewensohn

Researcher, Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Program

Dr. Orna Braun-Lewensohn is an associate professor and head of the Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She received her Ph.D. in 2007 from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Brussels.


Braun-Lewensohn research focuses on mental health outcomes and coping during or following stressful events. She also examines personal and communal coping resources in different cultural groups. Her theoretical perspective is based on the salutogenic model by Aaron Antonovsky and Lazarus and Folkman’s coping theory.


Recently, she was funded by the Israeli Democracy Institute for her study “Between the 'out' and the 'in:' Integration of Ultra-Orthodox academics in the Israeli job market.” 


Braun-Lewensohn has been published in a variety of academic journals, including Current Psychiatry Reports, Anxiety, Stress, & Coping, Community Mental Health Journal, Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Positive Psychology, and Social Indicators Research.