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The Override Clause and Special Needs Children

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Ilil Leder, relates how she was able to achieve equality in education for her daughter and all special needs children with the help of the High Court of Justice

Ilil Leder submitted a petition to the High Court of Justice to integrate children with special needs children into the (mainstream) education system. The High Court of Justice ruled that the right to education and equality are basic rights in the State of Israel and they apply to every person irrespective of who they are and also to children with special needs.

In Israel's democratic system, the central government is not restrained by a constitution, nor does it have a federal system or federal courts that diffuse its power. Rather, the Supreme Court is the only barrier standing before the unrestricted rule of politicians, and therefore, judicial review is an absolutely essential part of enacting new laws. The proposed Override Clause Bill, will enable the Knesset to curb the Supreme Court's power of judicial review. It is of the utmost importance to maintain the independence of the only nonpartisan system designed to restrain the tremendous power entrusted in the ruling coalition.