Am Ehad

(One People)


Am Ehad

Founded in 1999

Am Ehad ("One People") was established in early 1999 as a party in the 14th Knesset. It was made up of three members of Knesset who had left the Labor Party: Amir Peretz, Adisu Massala, and Rafik Haj-Yahia. The party existed until 2005, when it merged with the Labor Party.

A socialist party, Am Ehad was identified with the Histadrut labor federation headed by Amir Peretz. It battled for workers’ rights and called for closing social gaps.  

Election Year Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
2003 86,808 3 2.8 Candidates Candidates
1999 64,143 2 1.9 Candidates Candidates

Note that the candidates in this table are in Hebrew.


Amir Peretz, Shmuel Avital, Adisu Massala


Am Ehad was in the opposition, with the exception of a period of less than one year during which Shmuel Avital served as Minister for Social Coordination in Ariel Sharon’s first government.