New Communist LIst


Founded in 1965

Rakah (Reshima Komunistit Hadasha—the New Communist List) was established as an additional communist party in 1965 after a group of members left Maki (the Israeli Communist Party). The  members who left Maki were primarily the Arab members, although they were joined by a small group of Jewish members, led by Meir Vilner, who became the head of the new list.

As a communist party, Rakah adopted the positions of the Soviet Union regarding the Middle East, including labeling Zionism as an imperialist, bourgeois movement. In the internal sphere, Rakah developed into a party whose main support came from Israeli Arabs. In 1977, Rakah became the central component in Hadash—a list that united a number of left-wing parties and movements. In 1989, after Maki ceased to exist, Rakah adopted the name Maki and currently operates as the Israeli Communist Party.

Election Year Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
1973 53,353 4 3.4 Candidates Candidates
1969 38,827 3 2.8 Candidates Candidates
1965 27,413 3 2.3 Candidates Candidates

Note that the candidates in this table are in Hebrew

Meir Vilner, Tawfik Toubi