Founded in 1981

Tami (Tnu'at Masoret Yisrael—the Movement for the Heritage of Israel) was established before the 1981 elections by Knesset member Aharon Abuhatzira, after he broke away from the National Religious Party (NRP). Abuhatzira established the party in response to his feeling that the NRP had failed to support him in a corruption trial in which he was eventually acquitted, and that the party discriminated against its members of Sephardic origin. Essentially a national religious Sephardi party, Tami called for equal opportunities for all citizens, with no distinctions on the basis of religion, ethnic identity, or nationality. In the 1981 elections, Tami won three seats. Despite the fact that it was a member of the government, it played a key role in the decision to dissolve the 10th Knesset and hold early elections. Tami's power declined in the next elections, in part because of the emergence of Shas, which also played on feelings of ethnic deprivation. In the course of the 11th Knesset, Tami fell apart, and most of its members joined Likud.

Election Year Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
1984 31,103 1 1.5 Candidates Candidates
1981 44,466 3 2.3 Candidates Candidates

Note that the candidates in this table are in Hebrew

Aharon Abuhatzira, Aharon Uzan

Tami received two portfolios (Labor and Welfare and Immigration Absorption) in the government formed by Menachem Begin after the 1981 elections. Aharon Abuhatzira held both portfolios. In the wake of Abuhatzira's conviction in a new corruption trial, Aharon Uzan replaced him as Minister.