Third Way

(HaDerekh HaShlishit)


Third Way

Founded in 1996

The Third Way (HaDerekh HaShlishit) began as a political movement in 1994, and led the struggle against the plan for an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Syria. Shortly after the movement became a political party in early 1996,  Knesset members Avigdor Kahalani and Emanuel Sussman resigned from the Labor Party and joined it. The party defined itself as a centrist party, between the Likud and Labor. In the 1996 elections, the Third Way won four seats. In the 1999 elections, however, it did not pass the electoral threshold and thus did not continue to serve in the Knesset.

Election Year Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
1999 26,290 - 0.8 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
1996 96,474 4 3.2 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform

Note that the candidates and platforms in this table are in Hebrew.

Avigdor Kahalani

The Third Way was a member of the first Netanyahu government (1996–1999), in which Avigdor Kahalani served as Minster of Internal Security.