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Start-up Nation Central, the Israel Democracy Institute and the Israel Innovation Authority Praise the Government’s Decision to Increase Governmental Interoperability as an Important Step for the Israeli Civil Service

Prof. Eugene Kandel: ‘A decisive step toward governmental innovation’

The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI), the Israel Innovation Institute (III) and Start-up Nation Central (SNC) said today that the government’s recent decision to approve implementing new and innovative interoperability strategies is an important step that could lead to a major breakthrough. (View more, in Hebrew.)

The government’s decision was rooted in joint research done by IDI, III and SNC (“the three”). It was processed and packaged into a work plan by a team headed by the deputy accountant general, deputy attorney general, deputy director general of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the head of Digital Israel and representatives of the three organizations. The plan for government innovation was presented in framework of the Eli Hurvitz Conference on Society and Economy, hosted by IDI in May 2016.

The government made its decision based on the understanding that innovation outside of the public sector must play a role in growing the government’s abilities to better serve its citizens, and that it would need to penetrate and become accessible to the entire government. The three explain that what is so unique is the wide toolbox that will now be accessible to professionals working in the public sector, when they choose to adopt innovative initiatives to improve government operations and/or services. Further, the toolbox will further provide for digital innovative initiatives, which they have been reluctant to implement until now.

Prof. Eugene Kandel, CEO of Start-up Nation Central, said, “An innovative government can be one of the foundation stones of an innovative nation. Today, we took an important step on the way there. I am happy that the government recognizes the need to implement innovation in its different institutions and is acting to do so. Start-up Nation Central sees this as an opportunity to develop discourse and closer cooperation between innovative companies and the government, and will be happy to collaborate.”

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