Press Release

10 former government ministers from across the political spectrum urge Knesset to not pass bill: "Regulation Law will legalize land theft and violates the principles of Israeli and international law"

With the contentious Regulations Bill scheduled to be discussed at a special Knesset committee, the Israel Democracy Institute's 'Forum of Former Ministers' harshly criticized the proposal, stating that it "retroactively overturns a Supreme Court rulings, enables the stealing of land from its owners, violates Israeli law and accepted international legal norms and customs, and is an affront to the very concept of justice."

Signatories to the non-partisan Forum of Former Ministers' statement are: Yoram Aridor (Minister of Finance, Likud), Yossi Beilin (Minister of Justice, Meretz), Dan Meridor (Minister of Justice, Likud), Avraham Poraz (Minister of the Interior, Shinui), Ilan Shalgi (Minister of the Environment, Shinui), Ghaleb Majadleh (Minister of Culture, Labor), Ran Cohen (Minister of Commerce and Industry, Meretz), Roni Milo (Minister of Police, Likud), Ophir Paz-Pines (Minister of Internal Affairs, Labor) and Michael Eitan (Minister of Improvement of Government Services, Likud).

The Forum of Former Ministers meets periodically at IDI to deal with issues on the public agenda in an effort to make concrete recommendations to the government and legislators. The forum deals with matters of special importance in the government and public realms, drawing on the participants' experience as former key decision makers.

The Forum utilizes IDI, both in a collaborative context and as a source of research material that is presented to members in anticipation of upcoming discussions. Members first raise proposed recommendations, which are then approved by the Forum's joint chairmen: Yoram Aridor, Yossi Beilin and Dan Meridor. Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer, Vice President of the Israel Democracy Institute, helps facilitate the Forum's work on behalf of IDI.