Judicial Performance

Critique and Evaluation

May 2002

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  • Cover Type: Softcover | Hebrew
  • Number Of Pages: 98 Pages
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A summary of an IDI seminar on oversight and evaluation of judicial performance, which addresses questions such as: Does the judicial branch require an organized oversight system for judges? What are the aims of such oversight? What are the components of oversight of judicial performance?

Does the judicial branch require an organized system of oversight for judges? What areas should such oversight cover? How can we reconcile the independence of judges with the demand for accountability? What are the components of oversight over judges? Can the feedback collected by the Israel Bar Association replace oversight or be one of its components? Does the pilot feedback survey conducted by the Bar Association meet professional standards? Who should conduct the survey: the Bar Association, the Court Administration, a professional body, or a combination of the above? Should the results of the survey be published? Should an ombudsman be appointed for the judicial branch? Would such an ombudsman replace oversight or be part of the process? Should an ombudsman be part of the Court Administration or external to it?

To assess these questions, in May 2002, the Israel Democracy Institute convened a meeting of judges, lawyers, and academics in various fields. A summary of their critique and evaluation of judicial performance can be found in this volume.