Questioning Dignity

On Human Dignity as a Supreme Moral Value in Modern Society

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A collection of articles that deals with the question of human dignity from legal, philosophical, and moral perspectives, and attempts to establish a conceptual basis that will help strengthen the value of human dignity in everyday life in Israel.

This collection deals with the issue of human dignity in Israel in the 21st century from legal, philosophical, and ethical viewpoints, and endeavors to establish a conceptual basis of principles of human dignity that will help strengthen these values in our everyday lives.

From the dawn of history, philosophical schools have addressed the issue of human dignity, with the goal of establishing humanistic values. Dealing with this issue gave birth to philosophies and world views that eventually shaped the nature of liberal democratic civilization. Contemporary ethical doctrines and constitutional discourse view human dignity as a constitutional value and raise questions regarding rights, autonomy, virtues, and ethics.

These questions gain strength and provoke even greater interest in an age of political and social changes that present us with new dilemmas. Liberalism, feminism, globalization, racism, religious obstacles and cultural impediments have been woven into a wild and hostile backdrop, and the boundary between security and wanton disregard for human dignity is being blurred.