Publications Regarding decentralization



“Nationalizing” Municipal Tax Runs Counter to Local Democracy and to OECD Recommendations

The OECD recommends granting local authorities’ greater autonomy in setting local taxation. The program being pursued by the current government raises fears of central government taking control of the Arnona (municipal tax) Fund, as has happened in the past.


Can Israel’s Politicians Regain Israelis’ Trust?

Reducing centralization and handing over political power to local authorities, might just might do the trick


Enough Talk about Decentralization – It’s Time for Action

There has been much talk and little action about the need to delegate powers to the local authorities. Now is the time for actual be movement on the ground.

Press Release

Local Government vs. Central Government

Dr. Aliza Block, mayor of Bet Shemesh:"The idea that a senior official sits in Jerusalem and knows how to decide for me which streets or stations to close is fundamentally wrong."


Local Authorities: An Issue of National Importance

Who is addressing the problematic relationship between local and national government in Israel? Is anyone designing a a comprehensive reform program to solve some of the issues that are the result of a malfunctioning system of local governance? How, if at all, does the national media deal with this issue?