Three Supreme Court Justices on Israel's Judicial Overhaul

Three former supreme court justices from Israel, the United States, and Canada—Dorit Beinisch (Israel), Stephen Breyer (US), and Rosalie Abella (Canada)— assembled at the 92nd Street Y in New York for a timely conversation on the complex legal and political drama unfolding in Israel. The conversation was moderated by Ronald J. Daniels, President of Johns Hopkins University and Chair of IDI’s International Advisory Council.

The distinguished panelists shared their perspectives – based on decades of experience on the bench and in academia – on a number of questions, including: What are the roots of the crisis roiling Israel? Why is an independent judiciary so important for liberal democracy? What would a sound process of judicial reform look like?

Watch a recording of the event here:

Watch our playlist of select quotes from the judges: