Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz

Researcher, Religion and State Program

Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz, who engages in thorough analyses of rabbinic literature in general and halakhic literature in particular, integrates advanced methods of Jewish studies and sociology in his work. A lecturer in the Jewish Philosophy Department at Bar-Ilan University, he is the rabbi of an Orthodox congregation in Petah Tikva, and a graduate of a hesder yeshiva. Hershkowitz is the co-author (with Dr. Moshe Hellinger) of the book Obedience and Civil Disobedience in Religious Zionism: From Gush Emunim to the Price Tag Attacks

Areas of expertise

Modern rabbinic thought; scholarship on the Holocaust and Judaism; the philosophy of Jewish law; the hilltop youth phenomenon; obedience to the law in religious Zionism.