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Dr. Nadav Dagan

Senior Researcher, Democratic Values and Institutions Program

Dr. Nadav Dagan is a senior researcher in the Center for Democratic Values and Institutions. With a scholarly focus spanning constitutional law, administrative law, legal theory, judicial review, contemporary democracies and emergency law theory, Dr. Dagan’s fields of teaching and research encompass diverse dimensions of legal thought and Israeli intellection. In particular, Dr. Dagan has acquired academic specialization in the field of legal regulation of governmental discretion. In addition, he possesses expertise in Israeli cooperative societies, with a special emphasis on the incorporation of communities. His analyses have been published and discussed in scientific books and journals and in Israeli national media.

Dr. Dagan Holds a PhD from Bar-Ilan University, LLM with specialism in Public Law and Human Rights Law from University College London (UCL), and LLB from the University of Haifa.