Research Reel

Alternative Yeshivas and Changing Perspectives Among Haredi Youth

April 11, 2024

Dr. Asaf Malchi's research explores the perspective of yeshiva students, their personal and social challenges and highlights a subgroup of 'alterative yeshivas' and their shifting perspectives on vocational training and employment.

A Fair Draft Law, What Would That Look Like?

April 04, 2024

IDI's Dr. Gilad Malach explains what a fair draft law for the ultra-Orthodox would look like. One that would distribute the burden over Israel's security more equally while enabling young Haredi men to integrate into the job market.

International Law and the War in Gaza

January 04, 2024

IDI's Prof. Amichai Cohen answers a series of questions on international law and its dealings with the laws of war.


Economic Implications of Drafting Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

May 07, 2023

In new research, IDI experts Shlomit Ravitsky Tur-Paz and Gabi Gordon find that conscripting even a small percentage of eligible Haredi men would save the Israeli economy billions of shekels annually. They found that drafting even 20% of Haredi men would significantly reduce the number of days necessary for reserve duty and save 2.5 billion shekels in budgetary expenses by 2050. Full conscription of the ultra-Orthodox men would eliminate the need for reserve duty by 2045 and save the Israeli economy between 8-10 billion shekels.


Constitutional Reform in Israel - How should it be done?

March 14, 2023

President of IDI, Yohanan Plesner, describes the judicial reforms that would make Israeli democracy stronger and transform a moment of crisis into an historical constitutional opportunity.


How Are Judges Selected in Israel?

March 06, 2023

How Are Judges Selected in Israel?

Dr. Guy Lurie Answers a Few Common Questions


How does the judicial system in Israel work?

March 03, 2023

Prof. Suzie Navot explains the judicial overhaul and its dangers in a way we can all understand.


How will the judicial reform impact Israel's hi-tech sector? Shlomo Dovrat

March 02, 2023

How will the judicial reform impact Israel's hi-tech sector? Shlomo Dovrat, co-founder and General Partner at Viola Ventures, Chairman of the Aaron Institute for Economic Policy explains the crucial role the hi-tech industry plays in Israel's economy and the stark implications of the judicial overhaul on its future.


Nobel Prize Winning Economists on Implications of the Judicial Overhaul

March 02, 2023

Prof. Eric Maskin and Prof. Paul Milgrim, both Nobel Prize laureates, express their concern over the proposed judicial overhaul during a special conference held at IDI on the econonic consequences of the reform.


Prof. Suzie Navot Presents Principles for Constitutional Reform

February 19, 2023

"Lets talk about the rules of the game to ensure that Israel remains both Jewish and democratic, today and tomorrow"