Ta’al - The Arab Movement for Renewal



Founded in 1996


Ta'al, The Arab Movement for Renewal, was established by Ahmad Tibi in the run-up to the 1996 elections. In that election, the party ran under its original name, Ha-Ichud HaAravi ("Arab Union"), and did not succeed in passing the electoral threshold. The party changed its name to Ta'al prior to the 1999 elections. Since then, the party has not run independently, but rather has run on joint lists with other parties – first with Balad in 1999, then with Hadash in 2003, and most recently with Ra'am in 2006, 2009, and 2013. Before the 2015 elections it joined three other parties and ran under the Joint List


Ta'al supports the Israeli-Palestinian peace process with a view towards the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and a just solution to the refugee problem. The party also works to reduce the gaps between Israeli Arabs and the Jewish majority and seeks civil equality in all areas of life. Ta'al is a secular party.

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Ahmad Tibi