Coverage of the 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel

Findings of study by Prof. Sammy Smooha receive widespread coverage and are subject to a wide-range of interpretations

Are the findings of the 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel encouraging or foreboding? As can be seen from the press coverage below, it is possible to focus on the findings about Jews or the findings about Arabs and the glass can be seen as half empty or half full.

Almost Half Israeli Arabs Believe Palestine will Eventually Replace Israel
Times of Israel | Lazar Berman | June 25, 2013
In annual survey, Arab citizens express increasing estrangement from country and society, but a desire for greater integration.

Survey: Israel's Arabs harden to Jews; Jews soften to Arabs
Israel Hayom | Amir Mizroch | June 25, 2013
The 2012 Index of Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel shows that while Jews are open to change, Arabs perceive themselves as absolute victims, expect Jews to make all the concessions, and refuse to take any steps to win the trust and good will of the state.

Poll: Majority of Israeli Arabs Reject Israel's Right to be Jewish
The Algemeiner | Zach Pontz | June 25, 2013
70% of Israeli Arabs do not accept Israel's right to have a Jewish majority, a new poll conducted by Haifa University and the Israel Democracy Institute has revealed.

Israel's Arabs Growing More Extreme in Views on State, Poll Shows
Jerusalem Post | Ariel Ben Solomon | June 26, 2013
59% agree intifada is justified if political stalemate continues; three quarters want Arab leaders to refocus on domestic issues.

Israel Democracy Institute discusses Jewish, Arab relations
Jerusalem Post | Joshua Lipson | July 2, 2013
Coverage of the heated discussion which took place at the symposium.

A Jewish solution to the migrant problem
Jerusalem Post | Lead Editorial | September 17, 2013

The Other Israelis
The National Interest | Paul Pillar | June 26, 2013
A former CIA analyst reflects on the sense of alienation that characterizes the Arab population of Israel and the gulf between Israel's Arab and Jewish citizens. (Reprinted as "How Israel Alienates Arabs" in Middle East Online).

Surprise! Israeli "Racism" is Waning
Commentary | Evelyn Gordon | July 3, 2013
Reading certain papers... one could easily conclude that racism is spreading like a plague through Israeli society. So it’s worth listening to what an expert had to say on the subject this week–and according to Prof. Sammy Smooha, it’s all bunk.