Press Release

IDI President Responds to Advancement of V-15 Bill

Today, the V-15 bill advanced to the Knesset, with a vote expected as early as later this week.

Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) President Yohanan Plesner said that the V-15 proposal is intended to answer a real need. However, the bill that was advanced today is un-careful and fraught with weaknesses and material defects.

“The enforcement mechanisms tendered are defective, and they are mainly advanced by appeal to the court by political parties in the event that there is suspicion of an organization breaking the law. Therefore, the proposal creates a reality of inequality,” said Plesner. “In addition, during the election process, with this proposal, we can plan to encounter a number of hurdles, including a dizzying number of law suits and counter law suits, all while trying to run a campaign.”

Plesner added that under the law, we are likely to see heightened aggression as a result of excessive restrictions being placed on freedom of expression.