Statement by IDI President Yohanan Plesner on the Advancement of the Mikveh Bill

Following today's advancement of the Mikveh Bill by the Knesset Plenum, IDI President Yohanan Plesner said, "The Mikveh Bill is not worthy of being included in the laws of Israel. If passed in its current form, the bill would serve to strengthen the feeling among a large portion of Israeli society that they are disconnected from the Rabbinate. The passing of such a bill would likewise harm Israel's strategic ties with the Jewish Diaspora. As the Knesset concludes its winter term, it is unfortunate that legislation relating to issues between religion and state have reached matters as private as women's ritual baths."

IDI Vice President Yedidia Stern said, "There is no way to justify this ultra-Orthodox sectarianism, as it prevents others from having the freedom to exercise their religion at public facilities. Allowing ritual baths to be monopolized by the Rabbinate would cause grave harm without any commensurate benefit."

More by Stern on the subject: "The Mikveh Bill: When My Purity Means Your Impurity."