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Is It a Very Scary Time for Young Men?

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The monthly Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, published today (Tuesday), finds that: 44% of Jewish and Arab Israelis agree with President Trump’s statement that “It’s a very scary time for young men” – the percentage among men who agreed was significantly higher than that among women.

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Main Findings:

Attitude towards Hamas: 56% of Jewish Israelis support and 70% of Arab Israelis oppose Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s position that “Defense Minister Lieberman’s policy along the border with Gaza is too soft.” At the same time, the Israeli public would like to see long-term calm on the border with Gaza. 64% and 80% of Jewish and Arab Israelis respectively support signing a long-term ceasefire agreement under international supervision with the Hamas leadership.

Relief measures for Gaza residents: 59% of Jewish Israelis (exactly the same percentage as in last May when we asked the same question) “think” or “are sure” that Israel should not provide relief measures to improve the lives of the Gaza residents. The Arab public is unanimously in favor of Israel implementing such relief measures.

A year to the #MeToo campaign:

62% of Jewish Israelis and 49% of Arab Israelis support exposing cases of sexual harassment as well as the identity of the harasser in the media and on social networks. 50% of Jewish Israelis and 43% of Arab Israelis think that #MeToo will succeed in changing change social values.

A scary time for men? Regarding U.S. president Trump’s recent remark about the MeToo movement that “It’s a very scary time for young men,” the Israeli public is divided. Among Jews, 44% agreed with Trump while 46% disagreed; likewise, among Arab-Israelis, 44% agreed and 41% disagreed. Analyzing the data by gender revealed that, not surprisingly, the rate of women who disagreed with Trump’s assertion was significantly higher than that of men. .

Local elections: 83% of Jewish and 71% of Arab Israelis respectively plan to vote in the municipal elections to be held at the end of the month;Only 17% of both Jewish and Arab Israelis believe that in the municipality in which they reside, there is no corruption at all.

The survey conducted on October 16-17, 2018, included 600 respondents, who constitute a representative national sample of the adult population of Israel aged 18 and over. The maximum measurement error for the entire sample is ±4.1% at a confidence level of 95%. 

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