Incumbent Minority Governments

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Although there is no precedent in Israel's history for forming a minority government immediately after an election, and while most governments in parliamentary democracies are majority governments, minority governments are far from a rarity.

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Minority governments rely on the ‘external support’ of one or more parties. A party that is not part of the governing coalition nevertheless provides regular support to the government, on the basis of a 'confidence and supply' agreement with the ruling party, to guarantee it a parliamentary majority on crucial votes in return for various benefits.

The following chart shows the 9 countries where minority governments are currently in office.

Country Size of Parliament (number of seats) Type of Government # of Mandates of the Parties in the Government # of Mandates of the Parties Supporting the Government
Belgium * 150 minority coalition 48 -
Czech Republic 200 minority coalition 93 15
Denmark 175 single party minority 48 43
Ireland * 158 single party minority 59 44
New Zealand 120 minority coalition 55 8
Norway 169 minority coalition 61 27
Portugal 230 single party minority 106 19
Spain 350 minority coalition 155 12
Sweden 349 minority coalition 116 51

* Caretaker government