Presentation of the 2007 Israeli Democracy Index

In 2007, IDI published the Israeli Democracy Index for the fifth time. The 2007 Index is dedicated to the debate of the topic Cohesion in a Divided Society. This follows the explorations of the following topics in previous years: Youth (2004), Communications (2005), the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (2005), and Israel's system of political parties (2006).

The Israeli Democracy Index aims to conduct comprehensive research on the quality of Israeli democracy and its functioning. It also seeks to develop a database of information that will promote research, enrich public discourse on this matter, and raise awareness of changes and trends in this realm – whether positive or negative. Conducted under the auspices of IDI's Guttman Center for Surveys, the project is based on comparative, international measures and on an analysis of perceptions of democracy as they are expressed in public opinion polls of a representative sample of the adult population of Israel.

The 1203 participants who responded to the 2007 survey were polled in three different languages. The research was conducted by Prof. Asher Arian, Nir Atmor, and Yael Hadar.