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Religious Services and Pluralism in Israel

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 Over the past two years, the Nation, Religion and State program at the Israel Democracy Institute has conducted an in-depth examination of religious services in Israel as a basis for proposing alternative models that would upgrade the quality of these services and make them more pluralistic. This work has produced two policy papers: Is it Kosher Here? and The Religious Councils: Religious Services, Public Administration and Politics.

The conference aims to bring together the leaders, civil servants and experts involved in the provision of religious services for a joint discussion and to expose the general public to their current state and the various options for enhancing pluralism in religious services.

The conference is being held amidst a lively public debate on these issues in general, and the reform of the kashrut market in Israel in particular, which is slated for presentation in the Knesset in the coming weeks.


The State’s Responsibility to Provide Religious Services

The Kashrut Market – Proposed Reform and Alternative Models

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