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From the Margins to the Fore: Religious Zionism and Israeli Society

There is no doubt that the political power of Religious Zionist movement –has come a long way - From filling positions such as the Minister of Religion, Minister of the Interior, and Minister of Social Welfare, religious- Zionist leadership has moved up to the more senior ministries of Education, and of Justice, and even aspiring to the position of Defense minister or the office of Prime Minister.

Over the past decades, members of the religious Zionist community, have climbed up to the top of the IDF ladder, and are doing the same in other arenas: the media, in law, in the economy and in the civil service.

On the other hand, the political split in religious-- Zionism was one of the most prominent features of the recent elections, and may recur in the upcoming elections as well. Are these personal motives or conflicting visions? Isn't there a contradiction between a sectorial party, and being at the national leadership? And - what are the contents and what is the agenda that religious Zionism wishes to promote into Israeli society?

The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) is launching the publication of the book “From the Margins to the Fore: Religious Zionism and Israeli Society”, edited by Yair Sheleg, on Monday, July 1st - at the IDI offices on 4 Pinsker St. Jerusalem.


2:30 PM – Reception

3:00 PM – Greetings: prof. Yedidia Stern

Opening Remarks: Dr. Shuki Friedman: An Hybrid Religious Zionism 

3:15 PM –Session 1: Religious Zionism and Israeli Society – A Look from the Inside; Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, Rabbi Avi Gisser, Tehilla Friedman-Nachalon, Elyashiv Reichner

4:30 PM – Break 

4:45 PM – Session 2: Opening remarks: Mr. Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute: Religious Zionism in politics. 

Religious Zionism and Israeli Society – A Look from the Outside: Rabbi Betzalel Cohen, Prof. Haviva Pedaya, Dr. Ruth Calderon, and Prof. Eliezer Schweid

6:15-7:15 PM – The vision of Religious Zionism: Two options - Rabbi Eliezer Melamed and Prof. Yedidia Stern