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Digital Election Propaganda

The roundtable discussion will focus on the regulation of digital election propaganda and the challenges arising from what is only partial regulation in preparation for the upcoming elections in Israel. This, following a new policy study "Digital Propaganda and its Threat to the Elections"


18:00-18:05 – Opening Remarks - Dr. Guy Lurie

18:05 – 18:15 – Regulating Digital Election Propaganda, Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler

18:15-19:15 – Responses

Adv. Dean Livne, Legal Advisor of Israel's Central Elections Committee

Mr. Markus Reinisch, VP of Public Policy, Facebook

Prof. Anat Ben David, The Open University

Adv. Eitan Haberman, Charcon, Ben-Ami, Asher & Co.

Hannah Rotem, State Comptroller's Office

Adv. Viam Svhita, Central Election Committee

19:15-19:55 – Round Table Discussion among participants

19:55-20:00 – SummaryDr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler

The meeting will be held via zoom as part of the Equality Election Workshop of the Israel Democracy Institute.