Publications Regarding Transparency



So You Want to Lead the Country? Show Us Your Calendars

The public - your employer - has the right to know how often you skip the Knesset plenum or travel abroad. Election date is getting closer and there is no better time than now, to give some thought to the public’s right to information


Wanted: A Minister of Transparency

Government transparency means responsibility and accountability – core values that should be independent of political agenda


Don’t Vote for Parties that do not Operate Transparently

These elections provide us with an opportunity to raise our voices on the need to regulate the parties’ conduct so that they operate transparently and are accountable to the public


Corruption: A Very Glocal Problem

Transparency International is among the most prominent global organizations fighting corruption through exposure, documentation and measurement.
Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of the organization, discusses the challenges, pitfalls and goals of their work, while Alona Vinograd of the Israel Democracy Institute brings the question of corruption home to Israel against the backdrop of a heated political stage.


Healthy Public Curiosity vs. Official Privacy

Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler argues that the Protection of Privacy Law does not create an absolute right, and whoever enters public life must be able to give up parts of his/her privacy, no matter how difficult that might be. This op-ed originally appeared in the Atlanta Jewish Times.


The Right to Know: A Right, Not a Gift

The challenge of freedom of information goes beyond the balance between the right to information and the limits of that right.


The Road to Better Governance

The start-up nation owes it success to the democratic system of government established by its founders. Israel’s liberal democracy not only unleashes the creative talents of individual Israelis, it fosters a business environment favorable for the establishment of companies with disruptive potential on a global scale. However, Israel’s continued success should not be taken for granted. Indeed, there are a number of signs that Israeli governance may be weakening.

Press Release

The Israel Democracy Institute Is Against The World Zionist Organization (WZO) Settlement Division Bill That Will Come To A Vote On Monday

Ahead of Monday's deliberations and expected vote on the final draft of the World Zionist Organization settlement division bill in the House Committee of the Knesset, a representative of the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) sent a sharply worded policy statement to the committee asking that it make fundamental changes to the bill. In the policy statement, Dr. Tehilla Shwartz-Altshuler, the head of IDI's Open Government project, said the bill is a dramatic failure in its lack of willingness to subject the WZO division to certain administrative laws.

Press Release

IDI Statement: Amendment to the Non-profit Organization Law

Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer and Dr. Amir Fuchs of the Israel Democracy Institute continue to oppose an amendment to the Non-profit Organization Law (Duty of Disclosure for those Supported by Foreign State Entities) on grounds that it reduces freedom of association and expression, and is directed at restricting the activities of human rights organizations.


Transparency in Local Authority Budgets

Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler discusses the challenges to transparency in the budgets of Israel's local authorities, including the need to make budgets accessible, to enable searches within budgets, and to facilitate comparisons between the budgets of different authorities.