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Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler

Head, Democracy in the Information Age Program; Senior Fellow

Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler is a Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, an independent research center dedicated to reinforcing Israeli democracy. She is a technology law and policy expert addressing the challenges and opportunities stemming from the information, surveillance, cyber, and artificial intelligence revolutions, especially their impact democracy.

In 2022 she was selected as one of the 12 influential figures on tech policy in Israel. She is a monthly contributor to TheMarker Magazine, Israel's "Economist" and frequently shares her insights in local and international media. She has imparted her expertise at Israel's most esteemed gatherings, addressing Supreme Court justices, high-ranking Justice Ministry officials, security authority leaders, and key figures in the private sector, legal community, and tech industry.

Dr. Shwartz Altshuler holds a Doctorate in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed her Post-Doctoral studies at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She was a visiting scholar at Harvard University CMES and at Brandeis University NEJS department.

Dr. Shwartz Altshuler has published several books, articles, and policy studies on Media Policy, Privacy and Surveillance, Cyber regulation, Data Governance, Social Media Regulation and Digital Propaganda. In 2018-2019, she headed a multi-sectoral team of officials from government, industry, academia, and civil society to draft a new privacy protection law for Israel. Her recent book, “Humans, Machines and the State: Towards Regulating A.I. in Israel,” (July 2023) pioneers the discussion on A.I. regulation in Hebrew.

Dr. Shwartz Altshuler has composed the journalistic code of ethics for Israel's Public Broadcasting Corporation and since 2023, she has been entrusted with overseeing the ethical tribunal of Israel's Journalists' Association. She is a member of the Supreme Council of Archives of the State of Israel and other public committees.


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