You can’t prepare a Nation State law the way you make a pizza!

Israel is apparently going to have early elections and in a quick move, the nation state law was approved by a special Knesset committee, and is expected to be voted on in the plenum today. It is the same nation state law that dismantled the previous coalition. This time the law does not include the phrase "a Jewish and democratic state in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence" that was in all previous versions.

This is an important law that should enter the law books – but in a different version - one that would guarantee equal rights for all citizens. The current version creates an imbalance by placing the Jewish element over the democratic element.
If the nation state law in the current version passes today, the State of Israel will be the only country in the world that anchors the country’s nation state without anchoring the right to equality for every citizen, and for the minorities living here.

This means that Jewish identity will have superior status in Israeli legislation, and this is something that is unjust and undemocratic.

The nation state law is the "identity law" of the state, and this will have a revolutionary significance, since democracy is not mentioned in it.